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  1. Ah, so you are like Trump and know more than a colonel, retired medical officer. I never claimed to be a military retiree. If you think you will get veteran's status just for serving one stint in the reserves, make sure it is during a declared overseas action. Otherwise it does not apply. He was 100% correct that I am eligible for NO veterans benefits, as confirmed by others such as my sister, a full bird medical officer retired from the Airforce. I mentioned my Army buddy, a highschool classmate, because he double checked for me unasked when I said I get no benefits.
  2. Military career unneccesary for medicare. I do have a vague notion about tricare after all. Just never looked into it much as NA. My National Guard service was during a very rare few years of no applicable veteran status. Had a retired Colonel friend check into it for me. No veteran bennies at all.
  3. Last time, Sept. 2018, I was asked for my bank book. I did not have it with me, and a copy of my previous non "O" was accepted in lieu of.
  4. Don't even know what tricare is. I have Medicare via social security. I paid into Medicare seperately for most of a forty year working life. It was supposed to take care of medical expenses, but really does not, especially when they deny claims the same as regular medical insurance does I think that is actually because of ridiculously complicated billing requirements that doctor's professional billing departments cannot figure out.
  5. You cannot. I did not make that very clear. It costs me about 10% of the cost of using Medicare in the states. Medicare co-pays are roughly 20% of the cost of the service, and some services, such as ambulance fees, are not covered at all. When the service is 10X or more, the cost of using Medicare in the US is often more than paying OTC at Thai government hospitals. Three day inpatient treatment and therapy after an ischemic stroke was under 20,000 baht. Ambulance, Emergency Room, three days in patient, imaging, diagnosis, meds, and physical therapy, all included.
  6. Depends where home is. I use government hospitals which on average cost me about 10% of my US healthcare using Medicare. My full farang price is less than my Medicare copay. I have extensive experience, including major thoracic surgery which bankrupted me in the US. The government hospitals could use some fresh paint, maybe. I do not go for the decor. Helps if your in laws include a few nurses who are or have worked at the government institutions, or at least have a good interpretor along. When I went for a reccomended class on diabetic nutrition my GF boiled it down for me... "You can eat water".
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