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  1. And not only will it prevent Covid, you will immediately be able to converse in Mandarin.
  2. Thailand is still, consciously or unconsciously, based on the Sakdina system, which most simply stated means that some people matter, and some don't. We know the results of this in practice.
  3. Well, the next time there's a free and fair election the Thais can vote these guys out... just kidding!!
  4. American. I stopped by Bumrungrad on my walk this evening to see if every possible relevant detail (pink card number, passport number, phone #, new address, correct DOB, etc.) was in their file on me. I've had a membership card and number since 2013. My excuse for going in was that they had emailed me a promotional offer of a 10% discount on any work in my birthday month of May. My birthday is in December, as my membership card clearly says; this did not leave me feeling confident. The registrations and admissions room was empty except for me and three clerks. The lady updated my file in
  5. As Mr. Obvious I want to waste everyone's time pointing out that everything here changes from day to day.
  6. An American. I take responsibility for myself and I know the Thais don't owe me anything nor do I expect them to. (Though strangely I have received certain valuable health services almost for free because I was in the right place at the right time-but I accept that that is a rare anomaly.) The tough part is being well over 80 and not knowing how many months I will have to wait for a vaccination, whereas if I were in California I would have it in a day or two. So I could fly to CA, but then I think there is too much uncertainty around any plans to return within this calendar year. So I'm
  7. So I assume that some day they will indeed drop the quarantine requirement. But what about insurance? What is the requirement now, and is there an age beyond which it's impossible or impractical to acquire? And will they ever drop it? (I know, no one knows.)
  8. In the event we felt sick, or tested positive, would we as ex-pats be able to designate a public vs. private hospital? I know Chula, since I had to take a friend there (not for Covid) last year and see him every day. I like it. It's public. But could they make me go somewhere else?
  9. We don't care about human rights or Hong Kong, or Taiwan, or the Mekong, or Sihanoukville, any of it, let's join Wall Street and make a buck off China while the making is good. Live and let live, let's all get along, said the walrus China: The time has come the walrus said To talk of many things Of shoes- and ships- and sealing wax- of cabbages- and kings...
  10. Replying respectively to JackSalesman regarding mask use above, I posit that it depends on what location one's talking about. Last March I was living in Din Daeng and it was/is crowded and hardly anyone was using masks except in the malls and not always there and there was no Covid and it was a conundrum to me. Now Din Daeng has some of the highest numbers. It just took time.
  11. As soon as I wrote those words I thought of exactly what you are saying, but I left it because I meant it in the loosest way possible. One of my pet peeves is friends who say they "believe" in climate change. "Belief" applies to religion, not to scientific hypotheses. It's always a work in progress. I'm a philosophic skeptic. However, another pet peeve is people who knee-jerk do not trust modern medicine or doctors. Without modern dentistry I probably would have died long ago. My ex-wife "believed" in homeopathy-give me a break. But it's the nature of life that we must act regarding the future
  12. You just made my point. I have no illusions that I can beat this disease on my own. But I also am not afraid of any of the vaccines. I'll take what they have because whatever it is I believe it will improve my odds. And I have read that a person can mix and match. I believe in science but at this point Thailand is not giving it to me.
  13. No one likes to be asked if they've stopped beating their wife. And politicians don't like to be asked leading questions. But such questions are a chance to change the subject and bring up something that hasn't been out there enough, that the public needs to think about. But his brain doesn't go that far.
  14. I'm the strongest over 80 you'll ever meet, strong as a horse. I don't care. I'll take a different one every month till they run out of names. Just let's do it!
  15. It wouldn't be soda in that can or bottle, just a special population control beverage.
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