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  1. I doubt this is very Buddhist. Also, speaking as one who a closest relative committed suicide, this is disturbing and he needs attention.
  2. Forget the body shape for a moment and concentrate on the face. I used to have these discussions with my son after his months long visit here about how many different facial type groupings there are. There are distinct types, but without doing a photo essay it is impossible to define and list. I just know them when I see them. The least attractive to me is the large chin forward types. I have this theory that they all go back to tribal groups that existed in, or entered from further north, long ago. On my walk yesterday I saw a round faced massage woman sitting out that could be the twin of th
  3. And actually if you just want to save money and have also have tasty alcohol you can start with "white spirits" (157 baht per .7 and up at Foodland, 40% so 8 times the strength of beer, probably safe and won't make you blind), add mixer of choice and ice, and move up from there to Thai whiskey and rum, on up from there to the cheaper imported whiskeys and whiskys and gins etc., and all within the budget of anyone.
  4. About the time the pandemic started I got interested in really knowing and "researching" Scotch whisky. There is a wide range of prices of course from the cheap blends (malt and grain) to the more expensive (and much better) single malts and blended malts. The import and sin taxes here on spirits do not seem as extreme as on imported wines. Further, less expensive blends (Dewars White, J&B, Teacher's, Cutty Sark, 100 Pipers, Bell's etc.) are priced similar and in a few rare cases lower here in LOS than in the UK and US. But the better single malts (lately for me it's been Ardbeg, Lag
  5. A favorite meme goes: Young girl to her mother: Mom, what is normal? Mother: A setting on the dryer, dear. I will say I understand those who say that their lives have changed very little. They probably don't pay for a multiple re-entry permit when they renew their non-O. I do however. Until this year I was spending a third of the year in Europe and a month in CA, my nominal "home"-Thailand was a hub. I can't complain; I'm still alive. But if it were possible to relocate to Europe I probably would.
  6. And my live-in girlfriend's pick-up would possibly be one of them if I weren't making the monthly payments for her. That's her biggest expense for me if we don't count food and some misc.
  7. Does this mean the time has come to start burning the fields and forests of the northwest?
  8. I like it. It means that until the point next year when I leave forever I will be able to enjoy quiet peaceful streets without crowds of clueless farangs and rude Chinese.
  9. Lord Keynes, the father of modern monetary theory, famously said The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.
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