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  1. Does the driver not have a way to contact each coach so the paying customers can be keep informed. I know customers are nothing but a pain but they do come in handy to pay for the service.
  2. I wouldn't get to my destination any quicker if I had stayed on the train, but had I have known what the problem was I could have got off at Asoke and taken the MRT to Mo Chit and saved 20 minutes to half an hour. Is that so hard to understand ? Did it bother me ? Not really, but if I had to get to Don Muang for a flight it could well have done.
  3. You went to immigration to prove that you have kept 800,000 baht in the bank for 3 months, which you did. How do you prove you did it if they want you to do it again ? They don't need proof of 800,000 baht being in the bank for more than 3 months, just that you now keep 400,000 until 2 months before you renew again when it goes back to 800,000. You seem to be worrying for no reason.
  4. Funny how so many people question why women don't play in the men's events, yet never question why men are not allowed in the women's events. If men where allowed in the women's world championship there would never have been a woman champion.
  5. So you are saying if there hadn't of been a broken down train there wouldn't have been a problem ?
  6. I'm not complaining it broke down. I'm complaining they didn't tell the truth as to why we were running late. Why try to hide it ?
  7. I got on the BTS yesterday at about 3pm and then waited for about 5 minutes before the doors shut. We had the "due to large volume of people the trains are being held at the stop" rubbish a few times before we went on out way. I was heading to Mo Chit and it must have taken 20 minutes longer to get to Ari than it would normally do. Many times we were stuck at a station with the recorded message going off, while on the platform they were playing a different message saying trains would be arriving every 15 minutes. On arrival at Ari we changed to the other side of the rails and people were getting off on the wrong side of the platform. On the side we should have gotten off from was a broken down train. I have no problems with things breaking down but why not let people know what has happened rather than playing a message which is a lie and everyone on the train knew was a lie. I am sure a lot of people could and would have taken the MRT if they had known what the problem was. So no you are not "sorry for the inconvenience" if you were you might have let people know and they could have avoided it.
  8. Western people are weird. We laugh at the Thai police because they are lazy and do nothing. Then we moan about the immigration staff because they do their job.
  9. I like the idea of a hand draw map of where you live. Where do they want it from ? Immigration department, nearest BTS station, or just a picture of your house from the front gate ? Really rather stupid.
  10. So you have 2 unauthorized taxi stands and put a police box up to keep the peace. Am I missing something. Other the money to be made of course.
  11. Why are so many of these man hole covers falling to pieces ? Do they not realize if you are going to allow motorbike to constantly ride over them they need to be made stronger.
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