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  1. Don't make out any "weapons of war" in the photo. But do seem to be a lot of 'antiques'....
  2. I think by year end you will see several if not many airlines pulling the plug. The volume of passengers required to be profitable is enormous and no airline or any business for that matter can survive when cash flow goes zero or near zero for extended period of time. The bills, debt service and payroll keep on going. Payroll can reduce to certain degree but you get my meaning....
  3. TV never disappoints at number of 'experts' on any given topic. Many of the 'experts' have numerous fields of expertise as well.
  4. Everybody has to bite the bullet eventually whether it be 1 year or 10 year lock down, the virus is coming. It is a virus free roaming the world. There has never been a successful vaccine for covid type virus. Eventually, we will all be exposed if not infected. Kinda like the internet, you can't stop the signal.
  5. We can just sit back and see how many others think it "sounds reasonable." Proof will be in the numbers. I am sure the immigration queues will be back to 1 hour wait in no time.
  6. The Thai "authorities" have no concern you deem their requirements as cost prohibitive. They are very politely telling you to stay where you are.
  7. Clown show is totally inadequate to describe the daily press releases. But it is all I got.
  8. Waste of time, guy. This forum only listens to CNN. CNN says we all gonna die of the covid, so that is that.
  9. That could be a very long wait. The ever elusive AIDS vaccine has been just on the horizon for 20+ years. It is always just few more months and few more millions of $ in the future. But no shortage of those trying to get the millions $ for research. There has never been a successful covid virus vaccine in the history of medicine. But, this very well may be the one just send more money.....
  10. This is where I am. I love Thailand and the people. But the jokes write themselves.... YMMV
  11. My money would be placed here. Other countries have neither time nor resources to satisfy unique requirements in order for Thailand to graciously accept their travelers. I.E. other countries don't care if anyone ever travels to Thailand again. It all goes back to the original draw for Thailand tourists: easy to get there and relatively cheap. Void either of those and it is good bye tourism..... YMMV Edit to Add: I predict a most excellent buyers market in property, housing and vehicles in next 6 - 8 months.
  12. Actually, he is closer to correct than you give credit. In vast majority of those deaths persons were already suffering some malady if be it only old age. There will always be the one off healthy athlete held up as example it can happen to anybody, but population statistics say risk to young healthy individuals is slim. And more data and study published reinforces this. Recent article here https://medium.com/@vernunftundrichtigkeit/coronavirus-why-everyone-was-wrong-fce6db5ba809 a noted immunologists states: "....... young and healthy people who currently walk around with a mask on their faces would be better off wearing a helmet instead, because the risk of something falling on their head is greater than that of getting a serious case of Covid-19......" But I am sure there will be TV experts along shortly to discredit the good doctor and disparage this poster. All expected for TV as another thread will depreciate into petty insults and bickering. YMMV
  13. I have to agree with this. There is no way to accommodate 1000's of arriving persons for 90 minutes or more in Suvarnabhumi. Consider seating, toilets, water, etc. etc. while simply waiting for result. Then the logistics of testing, the test itself, documentation, insuring each result to proper person, it would be a delay of hours per each group and man power required to insure adequate result would be enormous. Then consideration what will occur on positive test after sitting hours confined with others awaiting results. Will never happen.
  14. The problems with all these "plans" and speculation is they all assume tourists want to travel to Thailand. Obviously, all regular visitors to a Thai forum have connection and/or are interested and wanting to travel to Thailand. However, if every member of this forum were to arrive in Bangkok today it would not impact the bottom line of the Thai economy one bit. They need millions to make the trip. And lets face it, the draw for average guy on the street with no experience or ties to Thailand is easy access and relatively cheap when comparing to other destinations. No one is going to travel to Thailand as a first timer with all these hoops to jump through. No one will return for a second visit with all the requirements as well as they have "been there done that" and know it is not worth the hassle. Tourism is dead in Thailand until it is easy to get there and cheap again.
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