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  1. Like everything in Thailand, your experience will vary depending on where you do the renewal. I renewed in october at Udon Thani (2 year to 5 year). I provided copy of passport, visa, entry stamp, health certificate and copy of yellow book pages to the kind lady. Was directed to the testing station where I waited my turn to do the depth perception, reaction time and color tests. Then sent to the payment counter. Then directed to the photo desk where I was photographed and given 2 new license cards. In and out in 30 minutes or so. Some guys have much more difficult time, some may have easier. But you do want to wait until few days after current license expires. If you go before expiration the expiration of new licenses will be same as the old. If after expiration the new license will expire 5 years from your next birthday. YMMV
  2. Guys, I think the entire "crack down" is due to those that abuse the system. Yes, it has been very easy in past to game the system and stay long term on entry methods intended to be short term. But reality is it is still very easy to stay in the Kingdom long term with the proper visa. All they are asking you to do is prove you can support yourself and follow the rules. It is a helluva lot easier for me to stay in Thailand long term than my wife to get a simple tourist visa to the US. We don't even want to get into what it would take for her to get long term visa........ YMMV
  3. The other guys have nailed it. It will vary from amphur to amphur. I think it is pretty much universal you will need a translation of your passport, anything more is a guess. Wife handled all mine from beginning to end, took 2 or 3 trips to office. All I did was go inside when called, smile and sign couple pages. Every body seems to have different experience. Good luck.
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