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  1. You misunderstand. To receive funds into the account I need to give my full account number and full sort code to my pension providers. When I opened the TW account they gave me only a partial account number and a partial sort code telling me that I would be given a full account number and a full sort code when a deposit is first made into my account. How can I get my pension providers to pay my money into an account for which they don't have the details? Not having a UK bank accounf, I have no other way to deposit GBP into a TW account.
  2. A few years ago when I became eligible for my UK state pension the DWP informed me thatthey could pay my pension straight into my Bangkok Bank account. I thought this was a great idea. I immediately agreed and also arranged for my Armed Forces pension to be paid directly to BBL. The arrangement at that time proved ideal for me and, seeing no use for it, I closed my UK bank account. When the embassy stopped issuing the bank letters for immigration, I dicovered that all these deposits had the bahtnet code. Despite several attempts to trace the origin of the transfers, the bank failed repeatedly to come up with evidence which immigration here in Phayao would accept. Hey Ho, off to Savanakhet for a 'Multi'. I then dicovered Transferwise who told me if I opened an account they would give me an account number an sort could so I could my pension providers to transfer my pension to my TW account. I opened an account and received a partial account number and code and was when they received the first deposit they would supply me with the rest of the account number and sort code. I queried this ( I had already told them I don't have a UK bank account ) and they said sorry and no, they could not accept a transfer of baht. No further help was offered. Do any of you TW users have a solution to this 'chicken and egg' conundrum? Sorry about the length of the post!
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