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  1. It's even more amazing what can make a bbq burner stop burning....mine also refused to burn several times, for sure there's nothing in the burners, i poked all holes and so but suddenly it works again...i have never seen any dirt or so coming out. It must have been very tiny i guess...and it always was at the place where the gas mixes with oxygen...those tiny holes.
  2. That's called quality control...and yes i've heard that before, a big tire manufacturer dumped thailand for that reason. (i don't know if it's true though). But this suggest something else than mixing the rubber with chemicals: Certification would require farmers and business owners and the technology they use to be upgraded, he said. “Meanwhile, a Forest Management Standard for Thailand must be established on the basis of research recognised by the certifying organisations.”
  3. Jasmin rice is always the large grain right? A restaurant here which we often visit serves small grain rice (very nice) but they call it jasmin.... So with this high baht rate they don't drop the price to sell it for export? That's what i would do.
  4. At a fuel station a thai man approached me and asked if i wanted to be a teacher on the school where his daughter is the director. I'm not a teacher and never will, i also won't work at all but to be polite i told him i don't have a work permit and also not an english nativ....no problem he said, my daughter take care of it... Anyway, i politely thanked him and drove off.
  5. What kind of studies are they thinking of? What are sound agricultural practices for rubber? They water and fertilize them i think, what else can they do?
  6. I have 3 Thai friends living/working in the USA...i like them so i won't write here what they did to get the american passport/green card but for sure it is illegal!
  7. At most other airports those guys have machine guns....i don't even see a gun on these men.
  8. Thian

    Thai Post

    Try Windows7 the hacked version.....
  9. I've had that with phillipine airlines 25 years ago...it's always risky to fly with poor asian countries airlines.
  10. They should have asked the questions at the embassy where he got the visa.
  11. That is why they want all the tourists to have healthcare insurance... Even village in the poor parts of thailand have good sidewalks, only in BKK they won't build that.
  12. Soon they'll make us leave the country every month instead of 3 months and force us to fly Thai air for that or the visa will be invalid.
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