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  1. I would like to end the conversation thread "New retirement extension rules forces expat, 90, to leave Thailand". There are now 56 pages of comments, some surly, some pompous, some sympathetic, some nasty, some offering advice and others that go on ad nauseum. Because I don't want to start page 57, I am starting a new Title and, hopefully, ending all further comment. I am Don, the 90 year-old and, yes, I am a real person. If you go to Page 1 of the 56 pages of comments.....and read what I said......you will see that I did not say "forces expat". That is someone else's word and an interpretation of what I actually said which was, simply, "I am leaving". Here is a reason: heretofore, with anyone's notarized letter from their Embassy, truthful or not truthful, it did not require an individual to keep an excessive amount of baht, 800,000 or 400,000.....totally stagnant.....in a Thailand bank for the banks to use as "float"and make money for themselves. Multiply those hefty numbers by the number of ex-pats who are/will be so kind and generous to the Thai banks and you see who is getting the use (float) from all that stagnant money that belongs to you. As for the 65,000 baht monthly deposit regulation, I have lived here for years, comfortably, on less than that. Now, any excess would build up in a Thai bank, again for the bank to use. To periodically send it back to a bank in one's country, as you suggest? Go ahead, jump through hoops, play the game, spend the time and pay the fees back and forth; that's up to you. Why no Plan B, you also ask? Plan A was made years ago by this 90 year-old Accountant who retired at age 54. 36 years of daily living have now past; inflation and cost of living have increased and there is still a bit of nest egg left. Could you have done as well? Blame me for being 90, nothing else. Thailand has been "home" but I will leave; it's just that I do not have a place to go to. Address books of friends and relatives get very thin as one outlives them. There is, of course, an ultimate option (and it was hinted) of going to any one of the shopping malls that have high balconies. Thanks, but I have acrophobia and am afraid of heights.
  2. The answer is simple for you, perhaps not so for me. For years, my monthly living expenses have not been even close to 65,000 each month and I have lived comfortably. To transfer that much each month now would mean a build-up of baht in a Thai bank. At my age, I consider that unwise.
  3. To "Pedro01"......"Don" is not a fictional character. It is me, I am Don and I am a real person. I do not spend time on my hands writing letters to the Nation. You say my plight 'didn't happen'. It did happen. As to another person who said I should have had a Plan B. May I say that my Plan A was devised, many many years ago, with my own real money, before inflation and the years and years of spending that 'nest egg' money daily to live a peaceful retirement life in Thailand. My failure? Living to be 90 years of age, I guess. Plan B today? Well, with 2 heart bypass operations, one balloon inserted in a leg so I could walk (all done in Thailand at private hospitals at personal expense!) and now having a similar problem in the other leg and using a walker and/or a cane, I will try to physically leave Thailand with no place to go to OR go to Pattaya or any shopping mall where they have many high balconies.
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