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  1. Thanks a lot for the replies, @DrJack54 and @JackThompson. I was really quite ignorant of this distinction between land and air borders (or imagined the latter more favourable if anything). And didn’t realise that coming back after a few months for another tourist exemption could potentially be dodgy. The fact that the second extension was only allowed for 7 days tipped me off. If I get a tourist visa in future, what are some convenient ways of getting in by land e.g. to Bangkok or Chiang Mai?
  2. Chiang Mai right now. Considering going to Singapore/KL/Cambodia, would any of those work?
  3. Definitely no plans to overstay, I was going to go for the 7 days but more inclined to fly out (have a contingency). Passport that land of peace and harmony the UK.
  4. My 30-day extension to my tourist exemption expires tomorrow. Reading a few threads on here, it seems like a 7-day 'extension' is more like time to pack and get out. Seems to carry some negative connotations, i.e. not much better than paying for a few days' overstay? In the last 26 months I've had about five tourist exemptions and one extension. If I want to be able to come back for 30 days in the next month or so, and not have hassles coming again later in the year (after October), what are the solidest options? I could easily head off to Singapore, KL, Cambodia for a few days right now. Or I could do an agency-style border run. And/or I could try and get a proper tourist visa in a neighbouring country (although that might be more appropriate for later in the year). Any advice appreciated.
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