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  1. Thais don't need equipment to grow. Guaranteed where they grow ganja for soup or Thai sticks*, it's all outdoors. *Some of the best weed in the world, right up there with Columbian Gold, Panama Red or any of Willie's Reserve sativa dominant strains
  2. No, that's AMERICA you are thinking of. 20+% unemployment, Trump Bigly Depression. Meanwhile, South Korea which had its first Coronavirus test positive on the same day January 21... Is under 5% unemployment. Unemployed people usually don't go on vacations to foreign countries unless they're credit card cowboys.
  3. I'm told on TVF that lots of relationships with ex-bargirls work out quite nicely. I say, mentally they're damaged goods. Permanently.
  4. My wife wouldn't let me eat Plaa Ra, she cooked our portion, 555. I did eat raw, fermented freshwater crab. It was black and had so many Chile peppers in it, I doubt those liver flukes could survive.
  5. I always disinfect my mask by leaving it on the dashboard after use in the sunshine.
  6. Chromebook. 100% free of viruses. Web pages are sandboxes so viruses won't execute on "admin" like WinDoze.
  7. I got a "free" flu shot in America last year. The only catch is it's only free with insurance, which costs $800 a month. This year, no insurance so I just paid $400 for one month's worth of medicine that costs $40 at a private hospital in Thailand with no insurance. OK, beer is cheaper in America, and I'm guessing cocaine is much cheaper too but pharma and health insurance corporations are pure gangster.
  8. Depends on the size of her airbags. Just kidding. Anyone on a motorcycle who isn't a poor Thai farmer looks stupid to me for riding a motorcycle.
  9. Just need a few cases of Chang and a few bar girls and you'll have plenty of test subjects from Pattaya.
  10. Revenge? Buy a food dehydrator, cut and dry the onions until crispy. Makes a delicious garnish for soups. Mmmm.
  11. Conclusion: The stock market does not always behave rationally. Sometimes it behaves based on pure emotion, like greed or fear. Sidenote: This is why rational people often don't do well investing in the market, because they base their trading decisions on facts and data. Quite often, I've noticed dumb, stubborn people do better in the market because they invest based on emotions and ignore the data.
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