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  1. The only gym that's safe during a pandemic is one where you don't breathe.
  2. You need to get vaccinated 3 weeks before travel. Can the gap year and Pattaya bar stool alcoholics plan that far in advance?
  3. Thais love getting 51% of Farang's money. Thais hate giving Farangs control of that money Any other questions?
  4. Can you imagine how little money it takes to get people to risk their lives? For what? Saving 70 Baht off a massage? You'll gladly risk your life for a couple quid? OMG
  5. I'm sorry but I just don't get why otherwise some of the best chefs in the world do this. French chefs take the bones OUT, then cook the bones in a BROTH, then reduce that broth into a SAUCE, which is then put on the BONELESS fish on the plate. You get all the flavour and nutrition of the fish bones, without the risk of choking to death.
  6. You forgot to mention your income source. Obviously, it's not from working.
  7. Not many because Thailand has listened to science. Road accidents aren't contagious. You can't pass a road accident onto someone else before you know you're in an accident. Don't give up your day job. You're a lousy epidemiologist.
  8. Wow! What a deal. No thanks. I'm waiting until there's a vaccine to travel. It's a suicide mission at the moment
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