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  1. Surprised the usefulness of the TM30 wasn't highlighted in this case.
  2. Madness. Get Macrium if a complex hard drive or better do a clean o/s install and use Clone App to get individual apps up and running with same settings as before quickly.
  3. Does your friend have to go to immigration for anything before he/she leaves Thailand again? If not no need I wouldn't do a TM30. If yes, then I always just stick one in the post at Thonglor and keep a registered post receipt. I live in Tonglo as well and the trip to CW is ridiculous for this.
  4. This quote is such a crock. There was never a full stop after the words 'white kids' and the sound bite is just cropped that way in commentary to twist it. Both sides are equally guilty in this game and I don't have my irons in anyone's fire.
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