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  1. Did you bother reading anything on the thread? The op asking is the wife. She said so in post#1.
  2. You are likely correct, I think I read the captain was detained several months for it already so probably done his time already for the snafu.
  3. Agreed, but I would think they should go after the lot of them (ship owners, captain, port authorities personnel et al) so the captain blabbing off to TV interviewers seems premature.
  4. Shouldn't Capt Boris be keeping a low profile as well? Surely transporting explosive materials should be on a fixed route A to B on a fixed schedule with no diversions and mixing of cargoes.
  5. But you said back in the US implying the Canadian has been there before which the news story never stated as a fact?
  6. So there's your answer. Could be a long wait coming back but if that's what you prefer, what's to stop you?
  7. Agreed. Don't want to use any myself as seems a waste of money, but many are legit. This mob in the story just muddies the waters and gives agents a bad name now - this will take a while to clear.
  8. Not so, some agents are getting legal stamps from IO offices whilst others are fakes like this one apparently.
  9. I was getting cold unsolicited emails offering their services at https://thaivisacentre.com/ a couple of years ago. Never answered some woman with an foreign first name only given. I was more concerned how they got my email address at time since I had only shared it with the Imm Office when doing annual extensions at CW myself.
  10. I'm not sure that will work. As an expat living here I've never heard of "Thai celebs Weir Sukollawat and Bella Ranee". Here's an idea, instead of ending dual pricing how about first continuing it with preferential reduced rates for expats that are cheaper than Thais? This will pay for past unfair practices and also make some overpriced Thai attractions more attractively priced to many expats stuck here, out of work and unable to travel to work due to covid. Nah didn't think so, I'll get my coat.
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