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  1. Maybe cheaper to nationalize the Samui airport and allow budget carriers in.
  2. Interesting. I use KBank and the mobile app does one year statements instantly to my email account, but the online web access only does 6 months access in print to pdf output mode. Each bank to their own. I plan to use the online app for my next retirement extension and see if they accept it.
  3. That's a bit strange as we can get a full years statement off our mobile phone app in PDF bank letter headed format within an instant? Cannot you use that?
  4. Mee too! Does that make us know it alls?
  5. That's correct. Just go for a paid IPTV provider from 10USD/m. They'll have all the VOD. Torrents are another way for free.
  6. Yes I realize this, but shouldn't this news article say so as well and include a mention of all the poor souls who lost their lives do you think?
  7. This is such BS news reporting, not a mention of the Terminal21 and other murder incidents or of it they might be remotely connected.
  8. Will a box do what? Change from 42 to 55"?! A box will fit on the back of any TV and is easier to reformat or replace that a smart TV when it goes wrong. Its also incredibly simply to operate with an on/off remote that the TV turns on and off to as well. I haven't used a smart TV in years and find Android boxes brilliant for IPTV and watching my home movie and TV series collections.
  9. Good to see, if news reports are correct, no expletives were uttered by Anutin during his decision.
  10. Hopefully you have taken measures to avoid this again and killing someone in future.
  11. But you still have 4 relatives you can never trust.
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