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  1. Did anyone seriously consider that Thais might not want to disclose personal information?
  2. I presume that the farang drove his bike into the air conditioned police office. He would surely be fined outdoors in the heat.
  3. I think that farangs can be assured that the "standard price" will include a hefty profit for all involved regardless of the interest in having as many people as possible vaccinated. The foot-dragging in obtaining vaccines demonstrates the governments lack of interest in having as many people as possible vaccinated.
  4. Such a success surely merits the reopening of tourism! I am sure that millions of tourists will want to pay the new fees and come to a Thailand where more than half the populace is still unvaccinated!
  5. I think it is the same reason that Warfarin(coumaden) and most of the other name brand drugs have gone up about 20% at Fascino. Whatever that is?
  6. The answer to this question is easy! They will insist on a $100 fee for a second class person!
  7. I guess she has inside information about how long it is going to take to get vaccines to Thailand!
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