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  1. Foreseeing that he was going to lose the election Trump and the Republican senate rushed to confirm his third Supreme Court appointment while hoping that some court case would reach his packed court so his loyal lackeys could overturn the election results. Sadly, they forgot that elections are all controlled by the states and not the federal government. Cease resistance and accept that you are a loser Mr. Trump!
  2. More Nanny state rules and regulations to be ignored. I have always smoked outside. I agree that indoor smoking is terrible. Anyone that smokes indoors is just lazy!! That said the government can easily end all smoking by just outlawing sales. Oh wait! There is a monopoly here in Thailand that might suffer. We can't do that!
  3. I just wonder why the Baht is so strong with no foreign currency coming in for an entire year!
  4. Thailand has always depended on their young women to bring in the tourists. no need to look much farther than the local beer bar or Walking Street! The idea of bringing in tourists to pray at the local temple is hilarious!!
  5. BANGKOK (Reuters) - A row over a Thai woman who held up a placard alleging sexual abuse in schools has put a spotlight on harassment in the education system even as she draws threats of legal action for misrepresentation and attacks for soiling Thailand's image. How can one possibly soil Thailand's image? Is it illegal to dress up in anyway one wants to protest? Obviously, none of the complainants has ever been to Soi 6 in Pattaya! Thailand's shame is that it sells it's daughters to support the families back home while claiming that prostitution is illegal and never seeming to f
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