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  1. This might not be a particularly sensitive sounding or popular post, but I have a hard time feeling sorry for some of the locals getting killed riding their little motorbikes. Lets face it: they drive like utter lunatics and the result is inevitable. When riding myself, when one of these insane individuals passes me in daredevil fashion, instead of getting angry at their insanity or doing something stupid/retaliatory myself, I just smile and remind myself that, sooner or later, the individual in question will be paying a hefty price tag for his stupidity and ignorance.

    People, especially non-motorcyclists, enjoy making the point that these individuals are endangering others. While that might be true to an extent, from my own experience, they endanger mostly themselves, like the person who killed himself in this article. Crashed into a pole. Just maybe he'd been riding like a drunken lunatic for years and it finally caught up with him. He will no longer endanger others. So am I supposed to cry about this? Darwinism at work.

  2. I've lived in chiang mai for almost 3 years now, owned multiple cycles small and large, put about 60,000 km on them, and have never had a crash bigger than a little jam-up on a moped not even worth mentioning. I'm sick and tired of folks who are deathly afraid of cycles and quote statistics to try to convince others out of their own cowardice. Many of these guys are afraid of their own shadows. In my book, they are already dead! The key to safety with riding motorcycles is awareness and ability to react quickly to what happens in front of you. It can be done with an acceptable degree of safety once you get the hang of the "jungle rules" way people ride in northern Thailand. I would not wish to do anymore riding in the south (anything remotely near BKK or Pattaya). Way too treacherous and just not fun. The NORTH is where all the fun riding is.

    If you are a confident rider and know the basics of motorcycle riding, once again it CAN be done with an acceptable degree of safety in northern Thailand. If however, you are afraid of motorcycles and afraid of the idea of getting on one, then don't, as a lack of confidence itself will cause you to be uncomfortable while riding. This in turn will cause you to be distracted, and THAT is the worst possible mental state to have while riding. You WILL crash. Confidence, calmness, and coolness are required.

    Yes, there are folks out there riding around like maniacs who believe they are invincible. Rest assured they will eventually kill themselves. These are the folks responsible for the scary statistics in Thailand. Keep your eye out for them, give them a wide berth, and you will be OK. Let them kill themselves if that's their wish :-)

    There are few things more exhilarating than the laissez-faire way we can ride here in northern Thailand.....freedom from the over-regulation existing on roads in the west. Riding in the west is too sterile an environment for me......too many police out to get you for minor infractions in ridiculous situations just to collect revenue to pay down the country's (or state's) debt!

    Get yourself out of the city and into the mountains, and on the remote roads of northern Thailand and many times you will be hard pressed even to find other vehicles around you to collide with. Live your life while you can.....plenty of time for rest in the grave.

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