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  1. it didnt save the information, but im sure it never mentioned citizinship, i was going to download the photo driving licence, it has my parent address as does the bank statement i gave as the financial part of the application. im 55 so havent started taking my pension so i had to request pension statements with my current address, the older ones had my old address on.
  2. the online visa looked easy until i got to the document submitting page, they are now asking for proof that i am a permanent UK resident, i dont know how to do that, i sold my house in May so have no mortgage or household bills in my name, i am currently staying with my parents who are both 80+ years old
  3. yes i sent Glasgow the stuff she needed and got the nonO within a couple of days, that was in May, i think the online thing was introduced recently
  4. i didnt qualify for the O/A originally because the sale proceeds from our house hadnt been in the bank account for 3 months, i presume they use 3 months as to stop people borrowing the money for the application, then returning it afterwards, so Glasgow granted me a 90 day non-imm O, now the moneys been in the bank for 3 months, i am now doing the online retirement O/A but there is glitches in their software.
  5. i have finally worked it out, open the photos in paint3D , cropped and saved as jpeg again and this time its been accepted. thanks
  6. Thaievisa.go.th, this is where people from the UK have to apply, you submit the application online, print off the barcode and send it with your passport, the barcode allows the embassy in London to access the documents.
  7. thats exactly where i am doing it, this is the correct process Joe?
  8. I am in the middle of submitting an application for an O/A visa and cant get past the passport and recent photo page, I got the wife to take some photos with her phone to download to the PC, i scanned my passport and the THAIEVISA site has accepted it but it refuses to accept my photo, i have resized it to comply with the file size the application accepts, I converted it from PNG to JPEG, it keeps coming up with the error "Support jpg & jpeg only". the photos are all jpeg but when i press save to continue to step 4, it has deleted the photo, I have been at this for hours, resizing again and again, checking its definetly a jpeg but cant go any further....HELP
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