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  1. @simon43 Try Brave browser...loads faster and gets rid of all the annoying pop-ups and tracking apps. RAZZ
  2. There are a few next to each on Rama IV - a two minute walk from Saladaeng BTS or Silom MRT - there are always queues so I assume they are good/cheap. The one with the green shop front is : S.C Pharmacy. RAZZ
  3. Another test. £300 sent from Nationwide Account in the UK at 7.30am Thai time. "Funds for Long term stay" to Bangkok Bank. Arriving this afternoon. (7 hrs approximately) RAZZ
  4. Right... I have been using Transferwise/Wise for a few years. It has always taken two days from my Nationwide Account to Bangkok Bank account. I have read how people from other banks receive their funds "in seconds". So posting on a Facebook Group there seems to be no rhyme to reason to this. "Bangkok Bank is TW's primary banking partner in Thailand. If the transfer needs to show up as foreign/international in the bank book with the bank code FTT, you must use the correct reason for the transfer, which is "Funds for long term stay in
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