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  1. Are there any known issues with the Mercedes E350 hybrid? This seems (relatively) cheap. https://www.one2car.com/en/for-sale/mercedes-benz-e350-e-avantgarde-bangkok-metropolitan-kanchanaphisek/6254270
  2. Where is the work on the car being done? RAZZ
  3. Would it not be easier to spend the money on a half decent private school in Thailand? Would save a lot of upheaval. RAZZ
  4. On a final note with regards to budget. There are 1000s of empty condos especially at your price range. I reckon you could probably get a 10-20% reduction - especially for a guaranteed corporate let for a year or two. So you could look at properties in the 120k+ range RAZZ
  5. To the OP - Can you give "us" a rough idea of location of your husband's work? (on Google Maps?) I live at The River and love it here. BUT that is because my wife works a 5 minute walk away at ICONSIAM. I would always say live as close as possible to your place of work. Travelling 3 hours a day will wear very thin, very quickly. Traffic can be a nightmare - however, if you husband doesn't mind getting up and leaving early you can easily miss it. (Seems Thais wouldn't dream of arriving an hour before they get paid!) My wife owns a house near the Airport and it is great out there too! A lot more real. Airport Link is fantastic although it does get very busy. On Monday (which was a public holiday - it took us 25 minutes in a taxi to get to The River from near the Airport - but on a normal day if you leave at 6.30am about 40 minutes) I must've looked at 20 condos before we moved here so if you can: 1) Give a rough address of your husbands place of work. 2) The list of condos you were provided. As others have said you could rent a great house out in the suburbs - I can't see why your company wouldn't pay? Don't base your whole life about the one or two evening business meals/meetings your husband may have. P.S. What nationality are you? People have different ideas of what makes an "home". If I give London as an example - for the same budget would you live in Mayfair or Notting Hill? Totally different experiences. RAZZ
  6. Well, tell me how non-EU citizens or Thais could visit the UK for many months a year? Impossible. RAZZ
  7. No. Which one? Jesada? I might pop down on Saturday. EDIT - I love walking around the back streets trying to find "hidden gems". RAZZ
  8. At the moment "I'm just looking/tyre kicking" There is no rush - I'm just researching where to buy and what would be the costs. Also, where there are good restoration places etc. I am under no illusion that it will cost a few quid/baht! RAZZ
  9. I have been looking around for a Classic car for about 6 months. The only two places I have found to buy them are: http://www.thaiautovintage.com/web/home.php And PROSCARS44 which is about a mile down the road (not all the cars listed - had a Mercedes 190SL about 2 months ago) . https://www.one2car.com/en/dealer/PROSCARS44 There is another place near Paseo Park Khanchanapisek here (has a Gullwing 300SL out the back!: Anyone else any knowledge? Links? Much appreciated. RAZZ
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