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  1. Maby OP would want to consider elite visa access ? They had problems to get in but now it seems more and more get approvals and in some countries it is possible to get new elitevisa affixed to your passport if elite application approved. Facebook has groups like Thailand Elite Members - Stuck outside Thailand to get more info..
  2. No problems to renew if you want to stay. but if you want to visit some another country and come back you should check closely what is the situation then.
  3. Yes, These retirees also.. Most common reason to use agent is that they are poor and do not have 800 K or 65K income so they pay about 15 k annually to get extension. Now some of these retirees who only officially has met financial requirements ( but not really ) are stranded outside. One reason more why only o-a and o-x retirees are allowed. Thais do have some logic here if you think not only me, me and my situation,,
  4. You did not have insurance requirement like OA has with extensions in thailand. And with visas outside of thailand NON-O retirement was usually easier to get than NON-O-A And some countries did not even issued those at all,,I remember some saying it was "loophole visa" for poor retirees.
  5. NON- O /retirement was for poorer retirees so most likely it will scrapped for ever, at least for as long we are living this covid time. Look at other visa types and you see trend, They want richer foreigners only now. My advice is to apply O-A visa if you can.
  6. Yesterday i read newspaper here in Finland. There was a story Thailand opening to tourists also but not for average tourist because of need for 15 K euros for 6 months. Journalist was in contact in thaiembassy and was told that already some touristvisas are approved and some in process in both touristvisa categories available at the moment. First "Tourist"Finns are coming next month with these visas using same semi-commercial flights like other foreigners who are allowed.
  7. I am sure this man from Star Trek will get it soon,,,
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