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  1. Quatar , Quality in service food , comfort . I prefer , the one stop rather than direct flights , healthier can take a walk around . Less jet lag , on arrival..
  2. How many Brits live in Thailand , and are prolific posters about brexit topics . I chose to leave UK. bridges burned .. In summary, TV forum posters have no impact , on UK politics . I prefer Netfix , for my idle time ...
  3. Good post .. My shilling is on option 1 . Dont bend , he will be broken, sooner than expected . BJ , back peddling , really . Politics is all about survival ....
  4. Correct , the run up to the referendum was a just a jolly . Big red bus , and pantomine star, pied piper farage . How stupid can ill educated voters be . Democracey , my <deleted>/ toot ...
  5. Investigated by who? .. Senior police officers in the freemasons . Tiers of the UK establishment , have ultimate control of everything ...
  6. Fyi , Randy Andy , is a regular visitor to the kingdom . Often playing gollf , amongst other things in Hua Hin,,, the mind boggles . However that said i do not begrudge a penny of the taxes i pay , to support our Royals lifestyle .
  7. STD , if you lay with ladies of the trade. Be careful out there , onwards and upwards ...
  8. Correct, bent as a butchers hook , where was dukey , he missed the orgy .. Old age comes at a price...
  9. Wow ,, your lucky , you look your age . I joined the over 70 line , i was approached by immi rover , and had to show him my passport , to prove my age.
  10. Are you by any chance referring to historic links between our soverign royal family , and Germany . Brexitears , all join in the chorus , rule brittania, gbp will never be the same...
  11. UK is in such a mess , a pathetic goverment , and a usless oppostion party . So , where do UK go from here . The only way is down, and down more .
  12. Followed by more random home visits. making sure wifey lives, at your stated address. Immi as per regs, need to be informed when you visit her family home in the village , for a sleep/leg over...
  13. Let your wife pay with her money , please enlghten me .. My wife has only the salary , which i pay her mountly K15 , if she choose to supoort her mother , up to her . I will not directly , support her family . Not my problem ...
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