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  1. Ah OK, understand height your bar is set at.
  2. Bake and Brew today, 175B, including tea, orange juice and buffet bread. Good meal and good value. Ticks most boxes this place, decent menu.
  3. On Honda Zoomer, Is the front breaking system same as back break i.e Disc break-cannot see because of housing around back system? And how often should you change discs?
  4. Jozo will leave with best wishes of all, must have collected a dozen medals during his stay, so he will reflect on a successful time at the club. Will be remembered indeed for putting Miller into orbit and also that 67th minute goal after Billy died. Just became too unreliable in the end, dodgy knees also. So right now, we are light when it comes to center half, we do have some promising talent in Welsh and Deas, I suspect we wont spend on a replacement. Like Boyata, another player we could have made money on, with proper planning. I do expect some more squad trimming in the next few weeks.
  5. This sounds interesting, would liberate the 800K tied up for retirement visa. Many thanks
  6. Jonny Hayes latest to leave Celtic. Likable guy, popular in dressing room, always gave it 100 %, lived the Dublin boyhood dream by wearing the hoops-will never have to buy a drink again in Dublin after that goal. Wishing him the best of luck.
  7. So, right now in Pattaya, are massage shops open or when will they open?
  8. As are quiet a few, I suspect, Thai lady happy to be with Thai boyfriend, Mr Farang continue send money please.
  9. As soon as you were off the pay roll, company will have cancelled your work permit and will have got refund on remaining period of work permit. This will not be recorded on your passport.
  10. Looking good for getting Kouassi off the wage bill-and securing a fee also, hopefully this goes through. Also word of Nicham going to Saints, would gladly swap him for Forster. Worrying to hear NL saying recently that we are in talks with Gordon about a contract extension. Vital that, if we don't get FF, quality keeper is secured, I have no doubt that if we had FF earlier, we would have been in CL. Manager saying players back to some sort of training on 10th June. Still no word on Cup games but all indications are that it will be played.
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