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  1. hackjam

    The official Glasgow Celtic thread 2019

    Totally uninspiring performance against a poor lower league side. Missed another penalty-that's a few this season. Pathetic again from corners. 28 min on the clock before we tested their keeper with Forrest. Same old. Agree about Ralston, like his attacking style. Forrest was quiet and has been since his Scotland hat trick, hopefully does not slip back to his previous inconsistency. Other flank is a worry, Izzy is a spent force, KT will be out for a while, we do have Miller back from Dundee and, although not his natural position, would be a better option than Izzy. Sinclair missed an absolute sitter, played poorly and still should have had a hat trick. He does get into good positions. CMcG looks inhibited when playing alongside Brown. Burke was poor but I feel there is a player in there, ha is strong and fast, Young Tim looked lively, scored a good goal after a delightful pass from Boyata.
  2. hackjam

    The official Glasgow Celtic thread 2019

    Now almost 3 weeks into the window and the major issues still not addressed-defense. A contributing factor to the lack of quality recruitment seems to be the lack of movement with the dozen deadwood. Later today, a cup game against lower division opposition. Will be interesting to see the team selection. For me, both Ralston and Johnston have shown enough to jump ahead of ML & SS. We may also see one our loan signings start upfront instead of Eddie, who is recovering from injury. Bain may start in goal, CG is never going to improve his distribution. Ollie should start alongside CMcG, with Christie in the no 10 role. Disturbing to read about KT, seems to be a bit of a mystery, looking like he will be out for a while longer. Seems to me like its a combination of being asked to play too much and some of those red card type tackles he has been subjected to over the past few years finally taking their tool. Guy needs more protection from Refs and his game time needs better management. Lack of adequate back up could also be a contributing factor, Izzy has been in decline for 3 years now, and this issue not been addressed-and now we pay a high price with KT out of action.
  3. hackjam

    The official Liverpool FC thread 2019

    Just a few observations from Brighton game, Henderson is not dynamic for this set up, too negative. Shaqiri is not on same wavelength as most others. Both are off the pace of this well oiled machine. Have Liverpool got anyone in this window? Is Ox still injured?