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  1. Great to see both Bitton and Eddy back, Ajer will be a massive loss to us, was in really good form. It was crystal clear after 5 min of the second half that Nicham was out of gas. That Lax continues to impress, loves a tackle. CalMac was a totally different player from Aberdeen game last weekend, tracking back, proper tackles.. Duffy continues to be a bomb scare. Just wonder whats going on with keeper situation. We spend 5M on a so called decent keeper and suddenly Bain is ahead of him?? Ajer out, and Forrest and CJ looking like they wont be back anytime soon. Hop
  2. I had indian food, good, and reasonably priced, missus had Thai food good but expensive. Had guinness, total rip off at 269 a pint. Nice roof top setting, service good.
  3. Had a guy come and do some fitted bedroom furniture but sad to say, his finishing was not great. So still looking for some recommendations for some more bedroom and kitchen work, and some lamination.
  4. For anyone craving some Chinese food, I believe Retox Game on will be having an all you can eat deal on 10th Nov, food being provided by Pimmy, so I suspect UK style.
  5. Missus tried Thai dish there once, when it first opened and was not good, has it improved?
  6. I use Pulcinellas about once a week. Normally go for pizza and Pasta, share with missus. Both good. I sometimes go with friends and try their pub grub. I have tried several dishes there-Burger, pie, Fish and chip, Sunday Roast and have to say, all bang average, but cheap. However, start of the show is their chicken cordon bleu, which is really good and great value at 149B. Comes with boiled mixed veg and homemade chips, and a boat of creamy sauce. Must also mention their handcut homemade chips, great and available separately, 79B.
  7. Lenny's coat is now on a shaky nail following a clueless display at Aberdeen. You just cannot expect to win games with that sort of defending. It is also now clear that CalMac cannot play that Brown role, must have given away half a dozen simple fouls. 3-2 up and we should have entered game management. Rogic did contribute 2 assists and Griff with a neat finish were the only positives. Ely a let down again, usual Nicham could nae give a dam display and Duffy, what was he thinking of when he was in control of the situation, as for the 2 penalty's, clueless by both ON an
  8. Can somebody recommend a company that will do some built in bedroom furniture, wardrobes, drawer units, lamination etc., in Jomtiem area Pattaya?
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