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    KETO diet

    There is restaurant opposite Buffalo bar on Pattaya third road, think its called easyhealth. They do a really tasty rice, not sure how its made???
  2. hackjam

    KETO diet

    Some really good info on here-and inspiration. Keep up good work-and post post post.
  3. When initially detained at Airport, is it possible to get some legal assistance, call a Lawyer??
  4. Is there a worse EPL player than Fred? And that miss by Harry, total school boy stuff. Got to say, Man Utd are totally basket team, players scared to make a forward pass.
  5. Can anyone recommend a website where a fellow can look for a house swap. I have a place in Spain and would like to swap for a place in a city in Europe, for a few months.
  6. He is on the way to old Trafford as we speak.
  7. Rank rotten performance, Christie sent off for awful challenge meant we were always chasing our tails. 3 games in 7 days, need to utilize our squad better. Big CJ seemed to get bullied, the likes of Boli and Forrest looked tired. FF in no mans land for second goal. We were blunt up front, our most creative player was Ajer when he bombed forward, Bauer looked very ordinary. Looking at our free kicks/corners, deliveries were shocking, as were our starting positions-all our players lined up on the 6 yard box. Christie will now miss next 2 league games, should open door for Tam.
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