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  1. I have a full motorcycle license from the UK which I attained about 35 years ago. I take it that this will still be acceptable along with the relevant IDP ?
  2. I was thinking seriously about investing in property in Thailand up until last week. Currently in an ASQ hotel. For the money I paid for the privilege, the food is common, the fruit you get on a daily basis never changes. The hotel say they change the menu every 2 days. They do but just the same as it was 2 days before The attitude of the hotel staff is very condescending, they think they are in charge. And the rooms are cleaned every 3 days although I have managed to get it down to 2. All the hot meals are cool. So I will find somewhere else that may appreciate me as a huma
  3. I have insurance that covers the 100000 $ so what is NEW. Just old news
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