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  1. i wonder what farage and bojo would do,i dont recall this problem/issue being talked about by either of them in the campaign,they were to busy mouthing on about NHS savings,yet it looks ever more likely this issue will kill brexit or certainly a hard brexit,anyone with a brain would of looked into this issue in a lot more detail,but then again they didnt expect to win it was just a game
  2. this guy loves his country,i bet he voted leave
  3. there's one thing being patriotic but that often gets in the way of reality,iam a realist
  4. sorry but i have never claimed not to be british.i may well have a eu passport in a few years tho
  5. i CERTAINLY dont want corbyn,brexit will bring a recession and he is going to be PM after the next GE,so god help the UK,i said 2 years ago brexit would deliver us corbyn and iam even more convinced now.
  6. wont happen,total suicide 90% of business's and MPs know it,even farage and bojo know it,simple as that,i know its not what you want to hear but its the truth
  7. nope i say we as in being British born and bred,they being the europeans or EU
  8. you keep referring to 1975 yet probably 35% or more who voted were not even born,they had to vote on what the future was going to be or at least what benefits they had seen from been in the EU,iam still waiting for you to tell me what harm it caused you personally,i think this is 4 or 5 times now i have asked
  9. good point and very true,yet most leave voters moan like fkuc as one did on here earlier because our airports,water companies,bus companies etc are foreign owned,as i stated there is probably good reason for it,they will be better organised but its hard work trying to tell a leave voter british isnt best,theyve had their heads turned,its not june 1940 anymore,our rail,roads and airports have ALWAYS been inferior the the vast majority of europe,we just dont like to admit because its unpatriotic in some people's eye's.Japanese brains were needed to start producing motor cars after the fiasco's and self destruction of British Leyland,hillman,truimph etc
  10. someone on this forum today stated that the EU paid dyson to go there,very odd
  11. youve probably named every company thats relocated in the last 20 years,and blamed the EU for it,the companys moving to eastern europe and the far east are in the main moving for cheap labour sometimes even slovakia and romania etc cannot compete with far east labour costs,if you think the UK is going to start making steel at a cheaper price than China then you need help,you also have a dislike for any overseas companies being involved in running/owning UK companies,have you ever stopped to think why that might be,british road,rail,air and public transport has always been inferior to that of other european nations and this wont change with or without brexit,another factor to remember is they might seem good value as their euro make's anything being sold in pounds much better value (another result of brexit),i would think if only one of nissan,toyota,bmw,jal leaves after brexit the total job losses would still be more than all the above put together,never mind perhaps you will be happy when JC takes over he may even re open the british steel industry to take on those nasty chinese while doubling the nations debt. your taxes will be paying for it
  12. you do realise the new rules will be different to the last rules,and not in the UKs favour,remember even a loss of 2-4% will send the country into a recession,2 days of snow registers on the GDP figures,thats how brittle the UK economy is.
  13. i dont think lioner understands,poor soul