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  1. Your of a very small minority who thinks that it will rise once we leave..you need ro look again at what happened after the vote.
  2. How many extra billions have brits spend overseas since brexit? Money that would of went into the UK economy
  3. i said honda would leave,they are leaving,1 down 3 to go,the evidence is in my stating it dozens of times on here,you called it project fear but i was right,END OF STORY
  4. i have no time for lazy failure's in life who blame govts because they have failed,perhaps you have time for them,that is your choice,i dont people are usually poor for a reason,i was brought up to work hard and be wise with money,maybe you had were not,good luck if you managed to do well without hard work.
  5. brexit is the major factor,other minor reasons/excuses may of played a minor part but thats all,the penny will drop with you eventually when the others follow suit,and so much for all these great trade deals youve talked about for years if this is the outcome,no major trading company is going to want to be based on an isolated island on the edge of the EU,nissan and toyota will be gone and then it wont even be debatable.i was right you were wrong,answer the question i asked earlier "where are all these deals going to come from" you kept going on about
  6. poor lazy failures in life blame the govt of the day for their woes,neither have bothered me alto i would prefer a tory govt even if i didnt vote for them as its a waste of time in my area,the labour failures blame the tories and EU for everything around here,they are even starting early with the excuses for when nissan goes,its the tories and EUs fault,nowt to do with brexit,you couldnt make it up
  7. they already planned to close for a week which they were seething at,add the chaos since and they have probably had enough and thought <deleted> it,who can blame them,there are 1100 japanesse companies in the UK employing 140,000 honda and nissan are likely to follow but that could just be the start
  8. so the run on the pound did nowt for exports then either,try telling you brexit mates on here that.
  9. turn on a TV it will tell you honda havent made a statement yet,how is that speculation,unless your stating they are not closing which seems rather odd
  10. honda havent even made a comment yet,sky news broke the news and mr tomlinson will never state brexit was to blame,he would of told the people of swindon it was all project fear for 3 years. ha ha his career as an MP is nearly over, the EU sunshine awaits along with other MPs and high profile leave clowns.
  11. lets hope he hasnt ordered a new bog from the UK and expecting the UK govts company of choice to get it across the channel.The laffing stock of europe is what the UK is,and add HS2 to the list,we cannot get anything right,a shambles of a nation and folks think we can do better alone,get real <deleted> Government award £13.8m Brexit ferry contract to company with no ships _ Latest Brexit news and top stories - The New European.html
  12. maybe his toilet was made in germany,its usually them that you patriotic brits blame for your nations failings.
  13. it was indeed bomber,honda are the first expect the others will follow very soon,60000-80000 jobs will be gone,and where are all these trade deals with a world tripping over themselves to sign with us? they aint happening just admit it.
  14. how can mr tomlinson be devestated he was a leave voter and now has exactly what he wanted,will he flee to the EU when he fails to regain his seat at the next GE
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