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  1. Two things occur to me about this story. First is that Pattaya has no image to lose. It hit rock bottom some time ago. Unlikely that this will do any further damage than confirming what everyone already knows. Second, that violent unprovoked attacks by complete strangers seem to be somewhat of an everyday occurrence Thailand ... at least if you watch Amarin “news” on TV. No reason to see that this guy was singled out just because he was a Farang. It’s a normal dominance behavior in Thailand ... a bit like your dog dry humping your guests when they come to your house.
  2. There is much the Thai people can learn from their Burmese neighbors about how to deal with military dictatorships. Freedom and democracy are not a right, it has to be earned .... looking at history, usually the hard way
  3. Clearly he has no idea what-so-ever how Crypto works. OK for buying a car not practical for buying coffee .... there are exchange rates and fees when transaction take place.
  4. Indeed you are correct. Perhaps though you have not been subject to the Thai legal system. They will never get satisfaction or money. In Thailand, even if you win you lose. All he has to do is delay, not show for court appearances and finally keep appealing the case. In the end if there is a punitive award for damages, just don’t pay. Then they have to keep going back to court. It’s a no win for everyone but the lawyers. The process can easily be 5 years plus.
  5. Are they stupid, naive and greedy, no doubt. Hardened criminals they are not. Think about spending the rest of your life in an Ethiopian prison. Do they deserve this punishment? Lots of people running around free who really do deserve life in an Ethiopian jail. This has to be looked at further by Thai authorities. At the very least, an effort should be made to have them serve their time in a Thai prison.
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