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  1. Yes they are nuttier than a fruitcake. They have the Mandalorian though
  2. That is a known serious side effect of the Sinovac vaccine!
  3. It’s a bit to involved a topic for a forum like this. Anecdotally, Thai’s mistook American friendliness as insincere ... they said we should have lunch some time but never invited me. As another example, my wife (who was 45 at the time we tried to live in Canada - and completely English fluent) found most Canadian women her age nice but insufferably boring and humorless. I am not judging, just a couple of examples. I don’t see food as a big barrier. In most large cities now you can secure all the authentic ingredients to make great Thai food at home. Food was never mentioned b
  4. In my professional life, among my other responsibilities, I was responsible for moving our high performers to overseas postings for professional development. Most positions were in the USA and Europe. The geographic area was Asia-Pacific. Lots of people and lots of countries. Without a doubt, the Thais adapted poorly and were desperate to return home after 12 months .... as compared to other nationalities. Sure, they all came from monied families but that was the same with all of the people we sent overseas. My bet is many of the Thais that end up leaving for overseas will be back in sho
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