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  1. One million! How many COVID cases were reported in Thailand?
  2. Great that they nipped this in the bud. No knowing what mischief he would have got up to. I feel safer just thinking about it ... until I watch the Thai nightly “news”
  3. With luck there will be a vaccine ... it just will not be from Thai research
  4. Delaying banning of a pesticide based on the request of the US government? Is this the same country’s government has sold itself to business interests and does not give a <deleted> about the environment ... not only their own public lands?
  5. At least other countries and drug/biotech/universities pretend to be all out on a vaccine for altruistic reasons. Thailand seems to know no shame when it comes to making money ... a boost to medical tourism ... could only be openly expressed in Thailand
  6. You would have to have rocks for brains to avail yourself of this service (unless you are a Thai wanting to return home). It seems like yet another good reason for tourists to avoid Thailand ... two weeks locked up in a "gilded cage"?
  7. They can do what they like as long as I can escape from this prison and get back home.
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