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  1. My son "lost" his Thai passport. The Thai consulate in Vancouver issued him a travel passport on three days. He will get a proper passport now that he is in Thailand. If you daughter tries to return on a UK passport they will ask her for documents he does not have (Certificate of Residence, Valid re-entry visa etc). The advantage of using the Thai passport is you dont need a Covid test before departure and you don't need to buy Covid insurance. Just forget the UK passport approach, it will create more problems than she already has.
  2. Interesting thread ... get another test. Nobody seems to have an answer. Why leave it to chance?
  3. Trump is an accident waiting to happen ... and in some cases has already happened. Fauci on the other hand is capable and knowledgeable ... that does not make his conclusions and advice right. Every "expert" runs their knowledge and expertise through their own personal filter/lens. So agree with Fauci's command of the facts but disagree with his conclusions/recommended action plan.
  4. Feel badly for these people, the treatment they have received has been ingracious and inconsiderate. Those of us who have lived in Thailand a bit longer are under no illusion that we are wanted or valued in Thailand ... we are at best tolerated. Just a pity that some people have had to go through this unfortunate situation to find out.
  5. Its true that Thais don't have to be tested before they return but are tested twice after return
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