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  1. She got one thing right ( mostly): any vaccine is better than non. Unfortunately the any in the moment mostly mean a mediocre Chinese one. I am with the camp suspecting this "star" had made a deal, and do what influencers do: sell herself for someone who pays for her to post. Rarely if ever will get a honest review from a paid influencer.
  2. 31 million applied for government handouts. Simple solution: a next round of handout for those who get vaccinated. Right bait to catch the fish, is important.
  3. "Mr Paiboon insisted that private hospitals will not make a profit from the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine." sounded credible, sort of, until this last sentence. in the age of internet, it takes a few clicks to find the price range of a Moderna ( if any other covid vaccines for that matter). it isn't the mentioned 3500-4000thb per shot. to make profit for private hospitals is ok. to falsify the truth not ok.
  4. Financial incentives, like receive next round of government handout if vaccinated can work. As if mandatory vaccination us totally wrong...well it does exist long time, all over the world. Every country, every child gets a set of vaccines, mandatory. Only difference covid vaccine is the moment a short time solution, which what it worth perhaps at some day can be replaced by a pill, like the antibiotics for pneumonia. The moment it seems covid took over the common flu, that is long time around, with a yearly round of voluntary vaccine available against. I
  5. Anyone think about that 1 shot a few days before school start will only give a false illusion of protection for the teachers?
  6. Anutin doing such a stellar job, badly deserve a promotion...to inactive post.
  7. Controlling... Auspicious that the article chose a photo with the guard wearing his mask on the chin? Reassuring? You decide.
  8. Look like the other was in a good " running" condition, With proper Thai " it wasn't me" mentality.... So assume whatever altercation they had, It is plain stupid to blame the victim this case.
  9. Reassuring, that there is a (sport) scientific "explanation" involved how most of the team got it. Or were some women playing balls overtime near Thong Lor? Such a hi(-so) ball to miss...
  10. What is the old age pension rate currently in Thailand? 600? 800? 2000 in 2 weeks compare ok. But if vaccination the agenda, should connect handout to registering for the jab....there would be incentive, a boost for the lackluster try to get ppl sign up.
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