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  1. News, and hopes. The truth is in mathematics. Even if 200.000 a week get the vaccine, that is a lot longer than a year to get to the 65%.
  2. 2 months into 2021, numbers halved. If every 2 months do the same, the end of year would stand a realistic 150k... Still about 20.000% up from 2020, so what not to like?
  3. Good news: no side effects Bad news: the preexisting stupidity and xenophobia remains
  4. As expat, I don't mind to pay for vaccine, we pay for everything else after all. However, especially if mandatory, expect a fair price, and not the +300% tax like on wine, which is by choice to buy (or not).
  5. O-Net math exam question: If 251 baht gold was stolen, and about 200 baht gold was recovered.... How much gold is missing? A. 50 baht B. 60 baht C. 70 baht For bonus points: What is the police math figure?
  6. Victim blaming? Plus TIT, in no time other "easily annoyed" Thai lads would gang up on him in number. Remember the hua hin family vs thai lads? In fact it is somewhat surprising the motorbike guy didn't need some helpers. The truth, that most Thai guys have the doi dog attitude of fighting...alone barking, in group brave to attack. Knowing the typical price is a wai + 500 thb fine, and even that is only when farang blaming doesn't work ( cameras work once in a while !!), there isn't real holding back, the guy probably won't even lose his motorbike taxi license.
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