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  1. what difference does make to use half capacity, if there is no tourists anyhow? on the other hand, apart from the palm trees, it woudl be about time to replace these old chairs also to beautify the beach. they arent appealing in their dated, unmaintained, 40+ years old look.
  2. the city didnt fail in this case, really. there is huge sign that the u-turn closed, more than a month at least. there are concrete blocks too... that said, i used to turn there to Makro many times, and never had an accident. some common sense to look around? who really failed here: the parents. they enabled the kids, gave the motorbike, dont teach to use helmet... they shoudl be in jail. the police. they cant enforce driving licence and helmets. somehow not wearing masks is frowned upon, and driving wirhout license and helmets isnt. the kids. at 14, they shoudl be able to read the sign. more, even without reading it is clearly a closed down u-turn. they were not like the baby who flew out of the car totally innocent one, killed by the negligence and irresponsibility of the parents. at 14, the kids also big enough to know right and wrong, not to mention despite all, they could still look around. after all, being thailand, the kids likely have 5+ year experience driving motorbike. sadly, but this is the norm here.
  3. the simple answer:she was stupid! once mistake, twice fool. if young, and in poverty, you should not have kids just yet. on top, in another country, not your own. sob, sob. cant put all responsibility on the society, if the individual acts irresponsible.
  4. since 9/11, cant have 100ml+ liquid and nail clippers on the planes....19 years.... sincerely hope these masks wont stay that long, totally pointless. since weeks Thailand pretty much have imported virus cases, so really unclear the spread of what they trying to stop? on same basis, Thailand could save 20000 lives if only ban all cars and tracks and motorbikes in favor of hand carts and walking. on the upside, Thai Airways may get the field even, if they force all airlines to leave empty seats
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