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  1. so now all those travelled out for Songkran.....what they supposed to do? would make a lot more sense to announce such least 1 day ahead, so ppl have chance to re-arrange plans, etc. i was to drive upcountry on Friday, was already fearing it would be tough to come back if i do....now that issue is solved as cant go. bunch of idiots really. feared to restrict Songkran travel for the public backlash, now do the same mid-Songran while most ppl in a different province, and the restriction doesnt have much a positive result anymore, being little too late as all the
  2. The "worse case" scenario is grossly underestimated. Right now still too far from that it may seem crazy... For example I take my native Hungary. 3rd wave peak nearly 10000 new infected found daily, 9.5 million population. If Thailand at " worse case" about to match that, for population size, equal to about 70000 new infected daily. Given that testing is slow here, the chance is even higher many can spread the virus, undetected for longer. But I don't fear such worse case. The new censoring will kick in well before.
  3. The math still doesn't add up, but it isn't the strength of Thai schools... (61 mill + 10 mill) /2= 35.5 million Said the target min. 45 million...
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