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  1. There you have it ! " International". Funding, distribution, audiences, etc. Not exclusive to the USA in terms of any of that. Nor exclusive to the Academy Awards by virtue of same. International business ventures. International actors, Directors, offshore production companies, sound labs, editing labs, special effects etc where prescribed. My amusement I find in your adamant insistence that the "Oscars" belong so exclusively to Hollywood and therefore the USA considering the International aspects involved in a speculative industry for potential profit. What is 100% "Made in the USA" ? Components for US military aircraft are sourced from...wait for it.... China ! OMG ! Nothing is sacred! And certainly not "Awards" for fantasy films.
  2. lol. Ok. But if in all seriousness IMO Hollywood has been pumping out so much prolific rubbish in general that even devotees of zombie movies are zombied out ! I have not seen this movie that is the basis of this topic but a few Korean movies I have watched (even with subtitles) have been very enjoyable in every way. Hollywood seems to have lost any concept of originality.
  3. I think maybe South Korea wins a win off Trump. As in payback for all the heroic movies and TV series made in the USA based on the Korean war ? Did Hollywood ever cough up even a few dollars in royalties to the Koreans for any scenery?
  4. Less explosion risk? Roadside cremations do not fit the conventions?
  5. In a country where 99% of Police carry sidearms . I can think of another country where you would be more likely to get shot and then kicked !
  6. If the definition of "quarantine" is as much as possible a total travel ban then 750 million could be true. Whereas the 50 million may be those who are barred from public movement/contact?
  7. Without any desire to go into the realms of conspiracy theories it strikes me as remarkably strange that now random infections are occurring as in "There are different patterns of transmission in different places, Briand said, adding: "We have lots of diversity, different outbreaks showing different phases." ".
  8. A few seconds to get an a..e wipe maybe. But then would you need to wait n the arrivals hall until a lab test is complete?
  9. The designation of Covid-19 as a dangerous disease ( notifiable) simply enables "enforcement" of public health measures rather than advisory. How effective that could be is a question.
  10. I will be visiting Thai Immigration this Friday. No subliminal anxieties I am aware of but ......lol
  11. Notable that you did not attempt to refute my opinion.
  12. Funny? In one sense maybe. But time will show the sickness of any perception of humor .
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