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  1. There is something wrong with the picture ! Unless I am mistaken and have missed some crucial factor. There is a shortfall in the availability of glutinous rice. Therefore the price has risen dramatically. A market driven eventuality. But ! Justification is being put on the reduction in the current years production. Yet this years harvest has not happened yet! Was glutinous rice production in deficit last year? So am I wrong to suspect that perhaps a cartel has foreseen an actual upcoming shortfall and has "cornered the market" on existing stocks? Such manipulations have repeatedly occurred with many agricultural products around the world. Such as with coffee beans. With major financial backing offer a little above average market price to buy on several years ahead production, warehouse it and not on sell until the false creation of a shortage drives prices way up. Thus driving up ongoing distribution prices at a huge profit against the investment period and establishing a new higher average price into the future while paying the primary producer a relative pittance in increased value while binding them to a contract. With legislative backing by those implicit in the manipulation that provide a protectionist "closed shop " environment that barrs import from a cheaper priced source would be easily applied to such an item as glutinous rice . I concede that I am probably mistaken. But I hope those fortunate enough to have has success in growing it this year will name their own price or feed it to chickens if declined !
  2. That French babe lost her head for a similar suggestion ! No rice, no money. Bread you say ? Millet may save the day.
  3. Many large parts of the north east have received very little rain so far this year. Rice crops are shrivelled and unlikely to yield much at all, sticky rice or other. There will be a sad impact on many involving the whole gambit of financial stress. Urban drift is likely to become a new stampede. Debt repayment issues will result in loan shark extortion and crime if central Government does not provide effective and directed assistance. Small town businesses will suffer and to an extent rural cities too. Agriculture and in particular rice production is still an important economic factor in the Thai economy. The north east only just scraped through last years season. If next year repeats as this year has it is likely to see the abandonment of farms or large scale corporate mechanized takeovers. For those is a position to buy expect to see a surge in second hand vehicles for sale ! ps: For the urbanites of Pattaya etc rural poverty might increase the selection of bar girls.
  4. You asked of my speculative opinion. No assumptions. No twists. No spin. Opinion. Perhaps your patriotic rage is interfering with rational comprehension?
  5. Where have I ever expressed any opinion as to the original intended destination of this tanker? I do agree it possibly was but that no documentation was found to confirm that ( or as you state no documentation at all). By ditched I mean any documentation to confirm Syria was the destination was destroyed. Nor have I even slightly intimated I consider any of that "routine". The route the tanker took was unusual but hardly secretive in reality but which adds a little to the saga. As for "arrangements" I have no cause to imagine or seriously contemplate what the alternatives are. I am not an oil broker, a ship owner. To oblige your expectations of my speculation perhaps Iran has played a very curious game and this tanker was bait to test International resolve re' overall sanctions and international law? Perhaps there was no particular destination therefore no documentation? If so it has had some success. The us sanctions on Iran are belong with the us and they have the right to apply them pertinent to the intent of the us. My objection is the threatening imposition of them on those who are not party to them and the detriment to global trade. You encapsulate my sentiment about that when you use the term "defy the us".
  6. The tanker was found not to have documentation linking a sale to Syria. Not so odd if it was ditched. But after being allowed to depart who is to know what arrangements were made. Greece was the nominated destination, buyer or not. For the majority of the world they are entitled to do what they want so long as not attempting to supply Syria. The crux of this issue is that the us has failed to impose unvalidated reason to intervene further.
  7. Receive, purchase. Under the circumstances this tanker apparantley had no documentation showing Syria was the customer so it is available to a spot market perhaps? Greece becomes the lucky winner? An interesting question might be what the us intended to do with the cargo had it been successful in acquiring the ship? Sell it back to Iran ? 555
  8. Not sure how making critical comment be twisted into advocacy but up to you.
  9. So us sanctions are cause enough to make other countries bow down? Think about that ! Greece will reject a shipment of oil? Does Greece come under sanctions from us ? Be embarrassed enough with the Tweet git! Global nations have the right to buy energy or a <deleted> Harley on a free market!
  10. I am a smoker and I agree. Strangely this new edict does not include smoking in a vehicle. Is there some previous law? I have long acknowledged it is not my right to smoke in a confined space if others are present. In fact I have an objection to others smoking in my personal space but that is mostly due to the <deleted> tobacco they use. There is a curious aspect to this demonization of tobacco with reference to the incrremental relaxation of attitude to "ganga". In a comical sense I can envisage a "skit" where the defense of accusations about smoking tobacco will be " No No, I am smoking my approved medicinal high grade indica ! "
  11. Huh? Perhaps a controlled system which uses the same factors of an open system just might have an advantage? I am not an advocate of China. I am not an advocate for any "regime". I say "regime" because in reality that is how it is. " Democracy" is now a concept as invalid as "communism". Autocracy is now presenting itself as a path to fascism by the extreme wealthy. To my view the West has become top heavy in most ways but has naively attempted to maintain a position that is unsustainable . Especially due to the drains on major economies from migrational immigrants who are being propelled by the very same policies intended to provide that sustainment. I am increasingly becoming resigned to the fact that the human race has not yet and probably will eliminate itself before learning " domination" is not any solution to global harmony. There is conflict on the horizon on a scale that has a horrible potential. Current events mimic the very same precursors to the last world wars.
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