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  1. Consider why you would move finance of significant value to interest the Thai Tax Department into Thailand? In your wife's name? Why not your own? Is there some Swiss tax avoidance advantage over and above tax outcomes in Thailand I am not knocking your intent. I am just curious as to why?
  2. Ah! The concept Kitchen ! Those that can afford rarely use or even know how to. Not only in Thailand ! Eating out, fast food, plastic all. Goes down well with the plastic nose, boob, bum, .....brain. And the cleverness is in the microchip programmed obselesence of each and every unit ,! Use it or lose it! Gotta keep the wheels movin peeples! 555
  3. Not wrong or judgmental. They would not "need" an Agent is what is stated. But if they are comfortable paying an Agent so be it !
  4. My experience has been better in the lower profile private hospitals, Government Hospitals and private Clinics. And that experience has been about 30 % of yours it appears.
  5. Perhaps. But is anyone going to explain non cognitive travel from Thailand to mainland China ? Passport, visa, tickets? I was just joking about alien abduction anyway.
  6. If fitted to the front yes. Standard for MacPherson Strut suspension. Interesting result if it snaps ! Have had it happen on a Rally car. But the description someone offered of anti-tramp is better for this unit.
  7. Rated to 54 but I never have a load anywhere near enough to require it.
  8. 38F 42R unladen 38 F 51R Laden. That will be for the tyre rating as factory fitted whatever they were. I am running Maxxis Bravo A/T. Do the job for me.
  9. One thing to check regularly is the state of the shock absorbers. I have found that they do not last well. Probably due to the combination of high temps and so common rough roads. If they are unequal in the front it can play havoc on the ABS response.
  10. I run 40psi all round on my Vigo. Max psi stated on tire wall is 54psi. For some that might seem a bit high in the front but I hate the feeling of "sledging" on corners.
  11. I think it is designed to transfer/equalize the leaf springs. Almost the reversal of independent suspension side to side. Maybe useful on very rough surfaces but can not see it doing much for traction.
  12. When it comes to Dentistry I agree. But I have found that the higher priced "International " Hospitals are all expense with poor outcome in medical .
  13. Where or who said that they specified westerners as a primary target?
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