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  1. I think that it was in answer to a question as to what Court decision accounted for some petty satisfaction for Trump given it went against Cuomo who is not exactly a fan of Trump.
  2. Happy to see you found a more balanced and accurate item. No belligerence or insult in it at all. lol
  3. Very strange and stressed response ! What and where blaming? What excuse? My response was based on the reporting source and content of opinions referred to. Other sources of reporting on the AstraZenica questions about trialing events are more factual than derogatory as to outcome. The Russian vaccine trials are still underway, not MIA. The Chinese trials have recommenced in Brazil following an investigation over a volunteers death was found to be unrelated to the vaccine. China is currently trialing 4 vaccines in several countries. Perhaps the need for a reality check belongs with
  4. Lesser biased reports of questions raised about AstraZeneca's vaccine trial administration reveal that the "mistakes" indicate a fortuitous result rather than a problem. Unfortunately there is an element of jealous "competition" due to the potential revenues desired by some developers especially when that desire is threatened by success of a more cost effective or non profit alternative developed at greater than "Warp Speed" !
  5. And for those who are not "evaluated" to be sick then what harm? I am not attempting to advocate usage nor deride your opinion raher than establish your view and .knowledge of .
  6. So would you be so bld as to explain your point of view?
  7. Interesting enough to add some knowledge about the overall geology if to be made public. Not easy to find any detailed information about this part of Asia.
  8. Would you be willing to explain your point of view?
  9. Realistic . In the current term at very least. If in the longer term the promise of a genuine vaccine is false or short lived the Thai response has apparently effective . Certainly it has caused damage to a significant sector of the population but in a country which still retains a more flexible capacity for development as opposed to the more rigid socio economic "developed" countries clinging to historic but declining heights of "what was" Thailand and greater Asia retain a capacity for "what could be". That which turns the wheel is irrelevant to the fact
  10. With some exceptions most nationalities are free to travel wherever they are accepted and can afford criteria for entry.. Unfortunately many of the destinations are rife with infection anyway so bonne chance !
  11. The "technology" is not such a difficult problem in that Thailand has a manufacturing capacity to provide it. It may well be being undertaken as of this moment. The real issue is in the capacity of effective administration . Maybe there is time between now and when such vaccines are available that a rapid training program is undertaken? There need be some imperative in that ! I have seen the waste of expensive distributions of rabies vaccines being handed out to people nominated as dog owners to take home in their hand or pocket to inject at
  12. To be fair there would be few who have had any experience of the wines on a wine list due to the exorbitant cost prices even pre- retail ! On one occasion I accepted a 2500Bht bottle after the initial taste test but after 10 minutes the cork taint started to surface and on request it was replaced without objection. I even asked the " Wine Waiter" if he wanted to know why but he said no and that he doesn't like or ever drink wine. There are times when I foolishly start to make comparisons with Bali where I used to have business. There they have a "Training Sc
  13. Once whichever vaccine starts to be distributed the paranoia will be relieved. No doubt the desired well heeled who can pay to access early it will be welcomed even if numbers are not prolific. The general economic impact will have staggered financial viability for a quick return to mass tourism. Meanwhile the "Talk it Up" brigade will continue to offer the donkeys a carrot.
  14. I find it amazing that there would be people who think that Biden has no place to give opinion on the Irish /Brexit/ border issue as if it were not relevant to trade policy position of his upcoming Administration. Trump had his opinion, Biden has his.
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