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  1. I find the repetition of statements announcing the obvious re" impact of C-19 increasingly irritating ! Perhaps the proliferation of such said banalities ( and desparately intended to be wise enough to guarantee continued employment in that function for an industry that has globally been reduced to reminiscence and wishful thinking) need be secondary to some viable ideas about how to compensate and acknowledge that in even the medium term tourism will never be the same. The illusion of personal financial flexibility in the overall expansionist money go round that was encouraged to support an industry that produced nothing other than distraction yet supported various Corporate investments to it is rapidly becoming bankrupt. Already appeals to protect the interests of a failing industry are being backed by tax payer funded schemes ! Futile in the face of what used to generate a lucrative tax take despite skimmings. At the end of the day we are animals which like any other require at minimum food and a secure dwelling.
  2. You put that question to a forum who are unable to answer ! Put your question to whichever Electrical Authority ultimately must give you an answer based on recognized and acknowledged information relevant to your situation.
  3. Why so persistent over what is less important about a mistaken overcharge compared to the availability of of an electrical supply at all?
  4. I would/do agree with much of your opinion but to be fair to the overall debate there are those who persist in defying any sort of compliance to Immigration conditions who have no ethical legitimacy or other than that defiance.
  5. Nasty unwashed foreigners ? Bludgers with no travel insurance ? So anyway what happens to the small boats?
  6. Or is it that the funding in the House proposal had accountability strings attached which is contrary to the interests of GOP members and their sponsors ? Even with executive orders Trump can not create new money so where will he divert from to fund some ad- hoc continuance??
  7. Th-ick ? Maybe distracted by thoughts of his "Press" Secretary? Sigh ! Thigh ! Tie ? Thai? Who knew that? It is what it is !
  8. First time I have seen the donkey offering the carrot !
  9. Maybe or maybe not there are some aspects of this controversy that are potentially important. Undeniably it is inexplicable as to reason to drop all charges when at least more than one need justifiably be pursued according to Thai law even if eventually those be nominally be diminutised as so often happens. More so interesting is that publicly the Thai Head of Govt has expressed an interest in the application of expected legal processes involving an individual who possess no great status beyond the social advantage of wealth. Is it that some appeal is being made in recognition of the reported social outrage or is it that there is a developing standoff and challenge to the assumed factions of "control" ? That a witness "apparent" who in conjunction with another belatedly provided an excuse for the "unavoidable" accident blame dies in another accident which even with visual active "evidence" is open to speculation and doubt has added nothing to establish closure in any form at all. I suspect that there are aspects to this spectacle that have much to do with the pursuit of "just us".
  10. It's probably worthy of a whole new thread but can you give a brief description of "God" please?
  11. Several years back I was with a group of people doing the Tourist thing at an ancient site in Buriram district. Taking the obligatory pictures. One shot I wanted to take was through series of doorways into a courtyard. But just as I was about to take the pic an old woman stepped into the view which spoiled the intended effect. So I waited patiently for several minutes thinking she would move on but she did not. So eventually I took the shot anyway because she was to one side and the through view was semi visible. Weird was it turned out that when I reviewed the pics I took that evening she was Not in that picture. Ghost or not I don't know but if not then that old girl moved at the speed of light!
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