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  1. I got an initial auto generated reply asking for more specifics and then a further auto reply with "on medical leave" to my reply with details. Both came from same person and email.
  2. I just sent a request for a quote to a broker listed above. Auto reply came back .....I am on medical leave...will contact you asap . I hope they are covered by home policy ! lmao
  3. Why strange? Many people live with various underlying health issues that due to intervention medically would usually expect to live extended lives even if not optimum condition. Being infected with Covid-19 exacerbates their compromised condition beyond the capacity of intervention thus attributed to/as primary cause of death. If a victim of cyanide poisoning dies because eventually their heart stops beating does so because of the cyanide, not because they may also have been obese.
  4. I have few concerns about tube ice itself having seen the process. The bulk handling after is probably of more concern but then if the issue is about bacteria or viruses can the possibility of surface contamination on every utensil or cup, glass or plate be of greater concern? Washed in tap water of unknown quality and handled by fingers of equally unknown cleanliness? Put sterilized water in an unsterilized glass ? I seriously doubt that any business producing water or ice would deliberately sabotage it's own market by being careless. No doubt there are production errors at times even by major companies. But after 30 years in South East Asia I have survived even having witnessed some horrific practices such as dishes being rinsed in a puddle in the ground and wiped over with a grubby cloth behind what appeared at the front to be a quite respectable Restaurant. I had eaten there several times before and never fell ill. Admittedly in previous times it was advisable to avoid ice in drinks because it was usually block ice made from tap water and delivered by motorcycle wrapped in a sack then dragged inside across the floor where chunks would be chipped off as required to add to drinks. Quality has dramatically improved in conjunction with expectations. I prefer practical caution over paranoia. Germaphobes must live in a permanent state of misery ! lol
  5. I rarely drink beer at all but on those occasions have no problem with ice added.
  6. Of course it is the end times ! That naturally happens some time after the start time! But in the meantime please send cash to purchase entry to the next time?
  7. Issues about water aside I have long refused to purchase anything knowingly from or associated with Nestl'e !
  8. I agree about water supplied in restaurants with the exception being if in sealed bottles labelled as being from Brewery companies. But in general bottled water supply Companies are probably safe. That the taste is variable is a different issue and many people have their preferences. If anyone has genuine cause for concern it is relatively easy to report (concerns) them to Health Authorities and/or supply samples for proper testing for genuinely harmful content.
  9. So you approve of Dictators? A Judge is so called as a person who with the expectation of all best wisdom interprets a legal situation according to written law as exists and in intent. If the outcome of legal scrutiny of a desired stipulation (edict) from even a President who by oath of office supposedly acts in accordance to law and in all the protection of citizens those laws provide then to object to a carte blanche dictate with dubious justification by said POTUS suggests law and legal application of is exercising the power of God ? Apply the context of your opinion and welcome a North Korean situation ! If the criteria applied to the elevation of those people whose peers qualify them to be Judges were to be applied to those who aspire to be POTUS history would likely be a quite different reality. History may yet put the current POTUS in a corrected social status!
  10. All you state has truth to it. But where in what you say does it provide a clue as to what these "Top Companies" require from any Government or via the UN to clean up their act that is of assistance rather than resistance to profit and greed which is usually what they ask for ( and get ! ) ? I hardly expect they are inviting realistic reductions in the worldly economic game.
  11. "While many of the companies said they were already taking steps to make their operations greener, governments needed to provide the policies that would allow them to do more. " I am trying to understand what stands in the way of achieving the objective that requires Govt. policy to "allow" ? Zero tax mayhap?
  12. It may seem so but there are a lot of international observations that interpret the current activity as a coerced and financially sponsored attempt to primarily disrupt and intervene in involvement of Chinese interests in Thailand rather than any real interest or concern for the people of Thailand itself.
  13. There will most likely be a "fire sale" by many retailers. Then a massive hike in the future price of approved units.
  14. Steady moderate rain here north of Korat since early morning. Cooled down a lot too ! Lucky to be south of what could be a major rain event up north but at least has downgraded a lot. !
  15. I am of the believe that it is the combination that is the problem. Avoid one or the other avoids excess weight gain. Fats and oils are the same in end effect anyway . So oily or fatty in Thailand must also be extra sweet !
  16. In all seriousness I do believe that it is the expansion and proliferation of the franchised operations listed above that has a had a dramatic effect. My wife was quick to comment on the incremental obvious "size "of people initially in Bangkok but which as spread even to the northern districts as has the proliferation of the 7/11's, Macs, KFc, Pizza this and thats, etc. More than just increased disposable income for "street food" which is an historical Asian feature I am convinced there is something insidious in the content of the modern convenience foodstuffs from these franchised outlets that have achieved a proliferate profile that approaches an almost obscene presence in numbers that has stretched out into even relatively small rural towns.
  17. So untrue ! Ok. I do not drink beer but I have a belly ! My wife feeds me well. I wash the dishes. Life is balanced .
  18. I can empthize with the fact that his personal run is over but hard to accept. But who knows ? That his name features possibly means he at least still gets appearance money .
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