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  1. If you don't invest in Nicholai Tesla tech ( over 100 years old ) might as well put the funds in the toilet. All other techs available fall way way short of the goal. FRE energy. The only reason we are not there now is because JP Morgan and future cronies wanted a meter on free ( Huh ? ) energy. Go figure. The sheeple strike again.
  2. Good on them, they are helping get the brutal truth out because they know they will be next to be thrown under the bus, like all of us.
  3. You have to be kidding me! Isn't this stuff ( notice I was nice ) getting out of hand?
  4. This is what Thai's are taught at birth. Open , unwrap and toss, then eat item. Absolutely 0 foresight. No garbage on my property, taught the folks and children garbage belongs in the trash can. Our place is spic and span and everyone enjoys a clean environment and visitors are overwhelmed with the cleanliness also. People can learn if taught.
  5. 80% of school teachers owe over 2 million baht in loans to get by and keeping up with the Jone's. Gov keeps ok'ing loans for them and they sink deeper in debt. I don't know about Thai Uni but imagine same program.
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