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  1. The Somchais using the chemicals are the ones dying. Please show me 1 case in the world where a person eating a product that has been contaminated by Roundup ot Paraquat within the WHO limit died due to these chemicals. All court cases are people getting sick after spraying it. The disinformation on this subject is massive and very big money is to be made and lost in the world. If these 2 herbicides gets banned worldwide other companies will make billions each year selling alternatives. Thailand is just a small battle in a big war between chemical companies. By the way many alternatives to these 2 herbicides have other negative effect such as ground water contamination, kiiling soil organisms and soil erosion. But due to their indirect impact are considered "safer". For the bunny hugger organic freaks. If the world wants to survive on organic food we need to cut the worlds population by half. The world cannot sistain 7 bn people with organic farming.
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