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  1. usd $ 27 million wasted in tax payer money and the dems damage done to the country. but dem socialist are great in wasting other peoples` money. wbr roobaa01 wbr
  2. the results look like a government cliffhanger or stalemate thus investors are not pleased and the baht should depreciated but isn't why ??? wbr roobaa01
  3. 5555 mentally sick dems have been lying for 2 years to the public as well as fake media cnn, wapo, nbc, abc etc mr. trump will pulverize them in the 2020 campaign. thereto the dem party has degenerated into 1. antisemitism with muslims like omar and tlaib as well as 9 presidential candidates harris,sanders, beto fake lationo etc... boycotting aipc conference 2 socialism with top rated alexandria ocasio cortez for retarded remarks, impeachment clown waters, economic nonsense sanders. wbr roobaa01
  4. now investigations about hillary and obamas involvments in the 2016 campaign as well as the anti-trump fake dossier. appointment of a hillary clinton special counsel to probe her russin collusion. wbr roobaa01
  5. and what crime does that constitute in reference to russian collusion ??? wbr roobaa01
  6. finally judgement day has arrived for the fake news dem spreaders schiff, waters, mccabe, strozs etc who wasted usa citizenstime, money etc.. for their russian collusion nonsense. in the wake the bombshell fake news media can be place, the dudes from cnn, msbns, nbc, wapo, nytimes u name them . now the dems argument hillary lost the 2016 election coz of russian election interence is voided. wbr roobaa01
  7. disgusting and revolting that the socialist pm wears the islam symbol of female suppression hijab on tv. but whatelse can be expected from a socialist wbr roobaa01
  8. good, good bye russian collusion, welcome, welcome hillary legal reckoning wbr roobaa01
  9. i could not find any retarded comments by maxim warters ,aocortez or tlaib about impeaching the president after the report released. wbr roobaa01
  10. 4 hours ago published on foxnews headline...mueller not recommending any further indicments, after report turn over...a video is also available. haleluja god bless donald trump wbr roobaa01
  11. mere speculation mueller made it clear no further indicments recommended. a grand slam for mr. president donald trump and crashing defeat for the mentally sick dems schiff, pelosi, aocortez, antisemites muslims omar, tlaib... but based on the page transcripts hillary might be looking towards some legal challenges. wbr roobaa01
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