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  1. the issue is AXA insurance will be accepted for it is accredited by the concerned thai ministry for thailand. wbr roobaa01
  2. for that u use the foreign insurance certificate form. wbr roobaa01
  3. my question when the 24 months on the non-oa have been used up. thus applying for the superceding non-oa do one need to present a foreign health insurance policy by a foreign insurance company, which must be accredited by thai ministry ?? and where would i find it in the poliice wbr roobaa01
  4. bingo, bingo, bang, bang another bad day for dem egg heads ...documents reveal ukraine opened probe into hunter biden firm months before trumpy call. foxnews just now. wbr roobaa01
  5. imo there is a form to be filled in by the foreign health company then filed together with the non-oa application. wbr roobaa01
  6. the informant or saboteur was politically partisian with a hearsay complaint. thereto it worked professionally with a dem hopeful candidate. moreover it approached schiff before complaint issue. all from the hill and fox news. hence it makes it a questionable character. wbr roobaa01
  7. as usual eu socialistic scaremongering, in another article here it states now the eu was prepared for major concessions on nothern ireland. merkel and her eu morons are getting cold feet, 5555 wbr roobaa01
  8. assumptions only. the correct piano chord is to call a vote, call the house of reps to vote on a motion to start impeachment inquiry but instead it was just a hypothetical political gambit- but the dems are going to find out if 217 vote. thats when the supreme court will rule months away. wbr roobaa01
  9. which legal congressional rules ??? due process which gives also republicans subpoena power ??? the legal letter sent by the legal cousilor to pelosi on the 81019 explained it. anyway the last word will be having the supreme court again and thats months away. wbr roobaa01
  10. thats very easy ....the legal letter sent by the whouse legal counselor to pelosi on the 8.10.19 wbr roobaa01
  11. terrific thus given dems can stage their floor vote with no worries and commence due process, meaning transforming the illegimate and unconstitutional partisian impeachment charade into a real inquiry. wbr roobaa01
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