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  1. Fantastic Your absolutely right about the friendships...some just end and we don't know why
  2. I was just reading a Face Book page of a expat in Thailand who loves the street dogs . My experience with them is far less than glamorous where once last year in a village deep in issaan I visited a temple I couldn't see any monks but I could hear barking in the distance About 40 minutes later I'm surrounded by the most aggressive pack of dogs ever . They I believe we're going to kill me . Luckily a passing villager on a bike stopped ...and I was getting on..the dogs tried to lunge at me .. Reading this farang guys FB page I'm thinking maybe dog
  3. And what happens if u need treatment for say something serious eg Cancer .
  4. Then you will only have approx 15 years left to enjoy life
  5. You sound very independent and able to look after yourself...I guess u had to in life ...you don't seem to rely on others .
  6. Wow !!! Seems he wasn't your " real ' friend though...sounds like he was jealous of you .
  7. Fantastic quote !! Never heard it before ...now it's going to be my motto!! what you write is very very true. Before I plan to live in Thailand I will go thru stuff like Wills and insurance etc and Plan like u said in if case scenarios so I don't have to rely on others
  8. What does the meaning of friendship mean to you ? How many "real " friends do you have in Thailand or if you are a expat in Thailand do you have real friends back in your home country? I say this because last week I get a urgent email from a farang friend in Thailand that I have known for about 16 years . He said he was in hospital...he is a aged pensioner Jerry from Australia..79yo.living in Pattaya..he said he needed to have some urgent money put into his hospital account for expenses immediately for Television news ..books etc ..it was like only 500 baht but he doesn
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