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  1. Not typically, but it can sway some voters. I posted those favorability rating to show TVF user BritManToo that his assumption that Donald was more favorable than Biden is incorrect. Not that I believe Biden will win solely based on favorability rating but these ratings do give Biden a boost with some undecideds that will "hold their nose" and vote for the least undesirable candidate. There is some speculation that is what hurt Hillary in 2016 so Biden has a wider favorability advantage in 2020.
  2. You stated (incorrectly) that Donald was favored over Biden, I showed you otherwise statistically. Biden has higher favorability over Donald. This has nothing to do with Hillary. What is with the Hillary obsession?
  3. Donald's favorability rating has always been below Biden's for at least the past months (and longer). Biden has consistently held an average of a 15 point favorability over Donald. Election 2020 favorability ratings
  4. Yet, another way Donald's campaign stiffed their donors by using campaign funds to buy Hannity's book. Hannity wins! Donald wins! His donors get fleeced! It is amazing that anyone would donate to such a corrupt campaign! RNC spent more than $492K in donor money to buy Sean Hannity’s ‘best-selling’ book
  5. Funny, now they are called cages. Donald and company would never refer to them as cages before. Why the sudden change now? Just to make it an attack line? Yes, they were built during the Obama presidency to handle the influx of immigrants coming into the US (when times were good in the US and people actually wanted to come to the USA). They were meant as a temporary holding area while people were processed into the USA. These temporary holding areas/cages were only meant to be used for a few hours to a few days while immigration would process these individuals. They were never mean
  6. CNN had a panel of eleven undecided voters in North Carolina. After the debate 7 of them said they would vote for Biden, 0 would vote for Donald and 4 of them are waiting until election day as "things could change". Undecided voters say who they will vote for after debate
  7. Biden still holding a 20 to 30 point spread in the final month of the election. Biden got bumps from both the first debate and then from Donald's COVID-19 diagnosis. Betting Odds: 2020 US President
  8. Many comments on how Donald leaned heavily on the podium. Guess he needs to prop himself up. Wide Shot of Trump’s Heavy Lean on Debate Podium Goes Viral
  9. It is interesting to note that if Barrett gets confirmed to the Supreme Court before the election, this can actually sway some voters to either vote for Biden or not vote at all. I saw a video of one swing voter that stated that if Barrett gets confirmed, he will most likely vote for Biden as the Supreme Court pick has been settled and that is no longer a factor in his vote. I also believe that if Barrett gets the SCOTUS seat, a number of Donald leaning voters might just decide there is no longer a good enough reason to vote for him and just decide to no longer vote at all. So if R
  10. From the various polling I saw, Biden either won or the debate was tied. Here is one from CNN (yeah, I know, CNN, some of you will whine about it). CNN Poll: Biden wins final presidential debate
  11. Where is Melania? It makes for a pretty sad statement when your own wife won't campaign for you. Inside Melania Trump's unprecedented campaign trail absence
  12. Donald can't even get prominent members of his own Republican party to endorse/vote for him including a previous RNC chairman. Crazy! Nearly 600 Prominent Republicans Voting for Joe Biden Also, is the "43 Alumni for Biden" organization that includes administration and campaign officials of former US president George W. Bush trying to get fellow Republicans to vote for Biden.
  13. The Republican nominee that ran against Obama/Biden didn't vote for Donald. Romney, the last Republican presidential candidate before Donald, made it clear that he doesn't support Donald. How sad is that? Mitt Romney says he did not vote for Trump in the 2020 election
  14. Donald's own campaign re-election lawyers support Biden over Donald with massive contributions. So Donald supporters send money to Donald's campaign. The campaign then uses this money to pay the lawyers which in turn gets donated to Biden's campaign. So Donald supporters are indirectly donating to Biden! Woohoo! Lawyers spurn Trump campaign in individual donations, including from Jones Day
  15. Um, China is funding who again? $15M Turned Trump Into China's Chump: How Xi bought off America's President for a few million dollars and some trademark approvals
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