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  1. I put in the extension issue date. Application approved.
  2. Well after many years of trying to do the 90 day report online and failing each time, I installed the Immigration Services android app. I filled out the information yesterday and today amazingly found my 90 day notification was approved! Amazing! I am very glad I didn't need to go to CW Bangkok and waste my morning doing this 90 day report. A few thoughts on the process: It was a one day turnaround time. I was impressed. I found no way to actually download the PDF documents from the Immigration App to my device. I had to perform a screenshot of the PDF file and use that for documentation and printing. My name on the 90 day report receipt shows as (First, Last, Middle) which is strange as it was correct order (First, Middle, Last) on the application form. "Nationality" is misspelled on the 90 day receipt as "Nationalit". Not a big deal but should have been caught. Has anyone figured out how to download the PDF from the app to the device? This would be very useful.
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