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  1. The Poles got it worse than any other non soviet nation. I wouldn't take the moral high ground against them From 1939 to 1949 The polish population dropped from 35M to 24M and didn't recover until the 70s. 5M by enforced emigration and 6M deaths! The difference between the Poles and the Israelies is that the Poles don't keep going on about it 80 years later https://www.businessinsider.com/percentage-of-countries-who-died-during-wwii-2014-5 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Territorial_changes_of_Poland_immediately_after_World_War_II
  2. I see Andrew Neil has just quit. Good. Well past his sell by date.
  3. Well thanks for that! I think cable is a special case but the others are fair enough. I'm no forex specialist. When taking contracts in another current I always killed the risk immediately by selling forward. I'm an engineer not a city barrow boy
  4. Marr was OKish. Should have given McDonald a MUCH harder time. Where's Paxo? Ill check Ridge later and report back.
  5. Then provide a range of currencies to demonstrate the typical movement from before the referendum to Now?
  6. Not according to the UK section of the piece. The act quoted has already been used.
  7. Massivly disappointing Good Panel Crap chair Does everything have to be dumbed down? Bruce should be fired. Bring back Dimbleby or another strong male who can control the panel and get the best out of JRM weak pap
  8. We were offered an opt out from further integration. The European Onion.
  9. Only a Brexiter could quote such a useless statistic Why not take the average for a month before Brexit and and, say Jan 19. Spot rates can not be used in the way you suggest. Regression! Its about 20% I'll check movement against CHF - about 15% So, 5% THB appreciation,15% Brexit idiocy? Need expert opinions here....
  10. Read my updated piece above Revocation ofsingle state citizenship is indeed possible. See the 2015 act.
  11. Although it’s possible to lose your citizenship if you’re a British national by birth, it’s unusual, and usually only happens if someone is considered a threat to national security. The Home Secretary can choose to remove citizenship in this case https://www.standard.co.uk/news/world/shamima-begum-latest-isis-bride-could-have-british-citizenship-revoked-as-home-secretary-vows-to-a4067586.html This piece references the 2015 act which specifically enables revocation of single citizenship. http://cmsny.org/publications/unmaking-citizens/ read the UK section I also want know why she was allowed to travel as an unaccompanied minor. Was the usual airline documentation in place Border Force are hopeless. How was an unaccompanied minor allowed to leave. Why don't we check people leaving? I note Begum is not a proper surname. It is a female honorific like "lady" No more from me on this thread
  12. Frankly, I would cancel her British citizenship. Change the law if necessary. At the very least it will serve as a lesson to others.
  13. You misunderstand Leaving with no deal has ZERO credibility. As a threat it is useless If course the EU wants us to remain: Geography History Scale The money is peanuts. Look at EU GDP!!! Look at the trade deals they have Frankly, leverage is very weak Strongest lever is that Germany could do with a partner st the top level. EU will just walk away......
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