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  1. Correct if they abstained but if they voted with the other opposition parties the CONs would be road kill
  2. Incorrect. The EU will not negotiate further within May's dumb red lines. Scrap those and everything is negotiable
  3. And how would you suggest that be delivered?
  4. You to cease sneering and come up with some interesting ideas yourself!
  5. Some of us state our preferred policies. 'bout time you ceased sneering and voiced your own ideas.
  6. So let's give the DUP 1.001 Billion to change sides. Money grubbing parasites controlling parliament. Maybe Sinn Feign would be up for a bribe? Otherwise, where can one buy potato blight?
  7. I would like to see NI reunified with the south. I think there would be a majority for that and it would kill off the DUP permanently. What a freak show they are!
  8. Certainly time for parliament to take back control from this incompetent, arrogant and cynical executive. I do hope some Tories have the guts to resign the whip and stand as independents.
  9. I think someone making a dump in your bin is rather impolite.
  10. Correct Know anyone who wants a Disco 1 , a Disco 2 and Freelander 1 Facelift? With a sense of humour. And deep pockets?
  11. At the risk of boring everyone, I have type 2 diabetes and as a result of peripheral neuropathy I lose track of where my limbs are without checking. So on occasion I assume my foot is square on the pedal but it's actually on the floor between pedals. I need to park my 2 tonnes of Birmingham steel I think. So should my friend Phil the Greek!
  12. It was a Freelander 2 and as such not considered a real Land Rover by many including me.( Monocoque with a 4 pot diesel). My Disco 2 has a separate chassis, a V8 and weighs 2 tonnes. This Solihull machine would not have rolled. But the Kia and occupants would have been in bad shape. I agree that driving at that age is not sensible. I also suspect that the Royal foot slipped; I've done that myself. The King should have a chauffeur for the highway, DefenderS for the estates. And a Range Rover for shooting lunches off the capacious drop down rear gate. Tally Ho!
  13. You are quite correct; I shall desist forthwith!
  14. I am a bigot WRT muslims. But I'm not nasty I just feel that Europeans integrate rather more successfully