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  1. Make every weekend a 4 day holiday weekend. That should simulate the economy with all the people who still have money going nuts and enjoying themselves. 555
  2. Spent 4 nights in HH a week ago. Stay at City Beach--wouldn't recommend for the price-but the staff was nice. Carlos Italian Restaurant is very good. Also the Chocolate Factory has good meals and a nice ambient. Laksasubha Resort had what looked like a good special rate and it's on the beach next to the Centara. I had a friend stay at the Hilton and complained that the rooms were noisy. Palm Hills Golf Course is close and half the price of Black Mountain and just as beautiful and challenging. I played at both. There is also an Italian restaurant on the corner where you turn left to go to the
  3. Kumbaya! Kumbaya! Make sure all the Hotel owners, restaurant owners, and all their employees know that the "400" are coming!
  4. Loser draft dodging comrade Donald said he's going to leave the country when he loses. Good riddance! He better before law catches up with him. Let him be some other country's problem. The only way to save the Republican party is for Republicans to distance themselves from comrade loser.
  5. The post is misinformation. I just called Pattaya Country, today October 17 and the they said the regular local price is 1000 gf/350caddy/700cart: 2050 baht weekdays. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are sport day: green fee; caddy;cart: 1350 all in. If you go on any other day, you'll be disappointed.
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