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  1. I hope all the foreigners with diplomatic passports are subject to the same rules as the rest of us. I'm sure they are considered long stay non-immigrants. Maybe then foreign governments may see the inequality and thoughtlessness of these Thai get rich ministerial schemes.
  2. Well stated, but good luck if any Thais or government officials read it. You are preaching to the choir. I, myself, am looking at nearby countries that regard expats as people to be catered too and not burdened down by policies and regulations of thoughtless, retarded ministers. If this is Thai bashing, so be it. They deserved it for thoughtless way they treat a segment of the population that overwhelmingly and positively supports the common Thai person and not the people with their hands out looking for that fat brown envelope.
  3. As I mentioned earlier," If the new rules include retirement extensions and my foreign insurance is not accepted, then I think its goodbye Thailand." At this time I'm investigating a move to Cambodia. They seem to be more amenable to expats. I'm checking on their different types of long term visas. I think returning to Thailand with 60 day tourist visas 3 or 4 times a year will satisfy my Thai wife. On a positive note, in Cambodia there is little or no tax on liquor or wine and I can go back to having a glass with dinner again. I will plan on spending the minimum amount of money in a country (Thailand) that thinks so little of me.
  4. I have a Hawaii insurance policy which is part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield network. I've used it twice for major operations (rotator cuff surgery, and hip replacement surgery) at Bangkok Hospital, Bangkok and Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, respectively. Each time a guarantee of payment was needed before admission. Is this policy accepted under the new rules? If so, what documentation is needed? I have an insurance card with the Blue Cross/Blue Shield logo, subscriber ID etc. If the new rules include retirement extensions and my foreign insurance is not accepted, then I think its goodbye Thailand.
  5. I think the government should put out a list of those foreigners and their home countries who didn't pay their bills. Let's get some real truth in the equation. I would suspect that the overwhelming majority of people on that list are migrant workers who go to Thai hospitals and don't mind waiting around forever for treatment. I have had 2 major operations, one at Bangkok Hospital in Bangkok (rotator cuff), the one at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya (knee replacement). Both were well over 500000 baht and my Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance paid 90 and 70 percent, respectively for the care. They both required payment guarantees from my insurance company before admission. They always escorted me to the cashier to make sure I paid all outpatient appointments charges. To me, the "risky" long term and short term visitors are the migrant workers and a few of those 20 somethings that get drunk and ride a motorbike. I get the feeling the government knows who the actual people are that don't pay bills and are just trying to have the 50+ and long term retirees pay for their inability to govern and problem solve the actual people who don't pay.
  6. Where do they get the 12 million number? Does this include those Thais that cross the borders of Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia to go and forth to work? TAT predictions are the most laughable bits of media hot air. But they are Thai, so that says it all.
  7. Grin and bear it. The driving habits of Thais will never change. The government will never do anything substantial to lessen the road carnage. The police can't be bothered to be out on the roads. Again, the driving habits of Thais will never change--get used to it. And if you drive--stay vigilant and anticipate dangers with a 360 degree awareness level.
  8. He seems to ask for a lot, but gives very little. So good luck with that.
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