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  1. WHat are requirements for falangs opening up company' Is it still you need to have 2 thai employees? What else...how much money are we talking about approximately.....
  2. yes the meeting is with falangs.....not thai....and it is outside...so I will burn from the heat.....I will go with jeans and white short sleeve shirt and nike.....
  3. Having a big business meeting soon. Here is the problem....they are falangs anyways.... But I dont know if I can come in suit all buttined up....it is too hot in BKK.... Can I come in jeans shorts and some nice shirt and sports shoes? Is that a big no no? what do you think
  4. WHy is this happening? I remember few years back 1 euro was like 45 bahts....not little over 30..... Is it inflation in Thailand or what I also talk with some girl working in some office and she earns like 1100 usd......few yers back every girl i talked to earned 300 usd per month
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