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  1. Imagine, FAKE Viagara. The "name but not the game". Ready, set, go. But no go ! Oh, ohh.
  2. Above is always a great line for these "older men" to use when they face legal problems. I'll have to remember that line if ever needed.
  3. The "rest" was a back door in case I was really missing something. But glad you see this as confusing too. In some western countries, once trash is put on the curb (for city pick up), it becomes the property of the city and it is illegal to take it. That being the case, this trash (bag of money) would have been the property of the mall. But that doesn't answer the confusion. I can't tell who the players are here.
  4. After 3 or 4 reads, I give up. This is a rather confusing story. Hmm, maybe I just need a rest.
  5. Come see, come saw. __________________________________________________________________________________ I wouldn't kick her out of bed (unless there was more room on the floor)
  6. To each his/her own. I see a forced smile, not a "winning" smile.
  7. Thai bashers take note. Put your broad brush away please. I don't think this "hidden gem of a kid is a one-of-a-kind" in the school system that so often gets wholesale disparaged. I'm sure there are many who exhibit qualities beyond his years like this kid. Good on you Jiraphon. Your school, friends and family will be proud of your quick actions and use of your training. Now I'm waiting to see if Prime Minister Prayut delivers a medical scholarship to him on Monday.
  8. Of course this wasn't a Trump reversal. Who could possibly suggest that the impulsive, no-more-than-his-generals genius president would ever flip flop? This is a man-child who has never been wrong, never admitted to a mistake.
  9. Nonchalance would probably be a safe bet. Like when you open your wallet to access your DL, maybe a few hundred baht comes out along with it. A bit of 'power of suggestion' presented nonchalantly. (Nonchalance is a casual lack of concern, a relaxed state without anxiety or enthusiasm.)
  10. "Once a baby can hold his head properly and sit up comfortably, at around 8 to 12 months, a baby should start using his/her thumb or index fingers to feed themselves,"
  11. I get emails from scammers frequently who are looking for my ID. This nut is just playing right into their hands.
  12. Talk to your local, appropriate university. They'll be happy to introduce you to possible candidates for you to interview.
  13. Personally, I would suspect that she was an ill mannered xxxxx too. Her character judgement seems quite poor, to go to a hostel room for sex, occupied by many others. Hope they throw the book at him.
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