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  1. And I predict that I will win a 10 million dollar lottery by end of first quarter.
  2. Park it same as you do each night. No special consideration required. Enjoy your trip.
  3. Now after 37 comical posts, here's the truth. The real reason he did this was to give all us smart ass, TVFers some fodder to make wise cracks about. He's a man with a great sense of community spirit.
  4. Here you go. I made it easy for you. No need to read short article again. "Police suspected that her decomposed body was at one point hit by a boat’s propeller blade, which removed the head and led to its discovery."
  5. It certainly sounds like there is a great motivation to pass this bill before the third week in March. I am finding a striking similarity to how things are being rammed through in both an Eastern hemisphere country and a Western hemisphere country.
  6. If the worst is to happen, my wish is that both the Thai people and the outside world understand the seriousness of the election rigging that he and his cronies orchestrated and deny him the honorable, democratic win that he so craves. Make him wear his ill gotten win like a forehead tattoo. Remind him daily that he is an illegitimate PM. Casting pride aside seems to be in vogue now, world wide, with the goal being to steal power by hook or by crook. Any sense of fair play and pride is history !
  7. Certainly a happy ending. Although we don't know her position on this, he is better off "no gf, no jail" as opposed to "no gf, jail".
  8. The desire in these perverts (aka paeds) must be tremendously great in that they surely must know the consequences of their actions but persist in the abuse anyway. I hope this one brings a huge bulge in the sex offender's list. Sick sub humans !
  9. Or perhaps they are negotiating a group discount so as to equalize price to home country. Service 5 for the price of 1.
  10. Man's best friend takes flight. (my dog is very smart but stupid enough to pull a stunt like this at breakneck speed).
  11. I demand that we must know where the baseball bat came from. Some "slugger's" bat is now famous.
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