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  1. Thanks for the memories ! - lakeside parks - drive-in theatres - mall parking lots. But best car and memory of all was my 1982 olds 98 with the sofa-style front, bench seat. OMG
  2. 5,000 per house hold. A spit in the bucket (or should I say, “in the face”)
  3. That’s strange. I thought “the boss” had this all sorted. i guess that was just more polluted air!
  4. "resident Donald Trump" Cute. I like that, "resident" instead of President ! Very apropos.
  5. What an absolute bunch of hogwash. It sounds like TAT did a pretty good job of sucking Expedia and UNESCO into their BS scheme and fake data. Did anybody see them out and about certain places in Bangkok or Pattaya?
  6. Great idea. Chip the subs so that when they "dive, dive, dive" to deep, those in the barracks can find them and send down a "cave-like" crew to rescue the sailors.
  7. If you mean that Google knows where I am, that's fine, I authorized them. But authorizing the government to know where I am is a different matter. I was quite impressed yesterday when it told me to "keep to the 2 left" lanes. There was "day" work going on by a crew, blocking one lane.
  8. It seems to me like rubber prices will rise and the producer should get more for his crop. Simple rule of “supply and demand”. The demand will not drop.
  9. I use my GPS every time I drive almost. But the purpose of mine is to help me navigate, NOT to have some government department track my whereabouts.
  10. Acronyms are very popular these days but only useful if the "reader" understands what the "writer" is referring to. Like you, at first I did not know but decided, read on and you'll find the answer to the "acronymical" puzzle. OWROTFA.
  11. The concept seems quite similar to bringing a knife to a gun fight.
  12. Such a theft could never happen to a millennial as they would have their phone in their hand, skimming through FakeBook. All is well that ends well.
  13. I seem to recall hearing something pretty similar to this being uttered a year or two ago. Now who was that? Oh yes, I recall .............
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