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  1. 57 minutes ago, Denim said:

    Since your carcinoma is on your cheek a scar there would not look so bad so might not need the more expensive plastic surgeon.

    The lesion on my cheek is small but complicated, according to a PS I consulted in the Philippines earlier. She said some skin on my face would have to be "pulled sideways" to cover the wound... like two triangular flaps?

    She quoted 45,000 pesos for her fee, and about the same amount for hospital theatre fees and follow up testing. All up around 90,000 pesos, or about THB 55,000 (approx).

    In addition she requires pre-surgery blood tests, ECG, blood clotting tests ... and written permission from my cardiologist for me to stop taking some meds 7 to 10 days prior to procedure.

    I am a registered member at Chula and so maybe its better to look for a PS there to do the job....



  2. My biopsy results show Basal Cell Carcinoma on my face (right cheek). Dermatologist recommends that I see a Plastic Surgeon in Bangkok. Anyone have any idea what the procedure and follow up would cost at a BKK public hospital such as Chulalongkorn. Any help and and advice appreciated.

  3. 2 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

    You get a a 30 day visa exempt entry not 28 days. The 30 days includes the date of arrival. 


    Yes that is technically correct. But on my last visit at Don Muang I got only 29 days... my plane arrived around 12:30 am and I was in front of the IO by 1pm (0100 hours). But he stamped my passport with yesterdays date. Maybe because he was just too lazy to wind the date forward on his rubber stamp... or just forgot. Who Knows?


    Anyway it doesnt matter to me as I always plan to be out of the country a few days ahead of the last day.... but I can see how it may matter to some tourist who have booked outbound airline tickets for the 30th day.... ?


  4. 1 hour ago, ubonjoe said:

    Departure immigration does not care about anything but your your permit to stay date shown on your entry stamp to confirm you are not on an overstay.


    So if you fill out the TM6 arrival card and get a visa exempt for 30days.... thats it right? No need to worry about any TM30 form? Just make sure you are out of the country before the 30 days are up?

  5. I am abroad, not in Thailand at the moment. I need to contact my dermatologist doctor at Chulalongkorn Hospital, Rama 4 Road, Bangkok. She did a biopsy for me last month and she promised to email me the result from Pathology. But she did not do so. I would like to email her at Chulalongkorn (Skin Clinic Dept) to remind her about it.

    But Chulalongkorn's website is all in Thai (no English version) so I am hoping someone here on the forum could help me find out their email, so I can contact the hospital, and my doctor there. Any help appreciated.

  6. You can buy it here:

    Lab Pharmacy @ Silom complex

    (next to Watsons and Boots)

    Thanks BB. I need a new supply of this stuff. One tab a day and it stops me waking up to take a leak during the night.

    I read somewhere that Lab Pharmacy is also at Level LG, Terminal 21, Sukhumvit Road, So I might try that branch to get my "fix".

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  7. My air conditioner is CentralAir brand. It is an old unit, but it works okay. Problem is the remote control has just stopped working. I replaced the batteries and the technician at my condo cleaned all the little bits and pieces inside the remote... but no use, it will not switch on the A/C or select temperature etc.

    CentralAir have a website (www.centralair.co.th) but it is all in Thai (naturally) so I cant read it or find out their location.

    Does anyone know where is their location... or perhaps a hardware store uptown, or on the BTS line, who can sell me a new remote that will work with this A/C unit? Any advice appreciated.

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