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  1. You're assuming that Thailand's testing capacity will increase exponentially, which it won't. Sadly the bulk of deaths will occur amomg the elderly at home in rural areas, and will not register in any official statistics.
  2. I have no problem with closing malls, bars, entertainment venues and other places where people congregate. But I don't understand a nationwide "stay indoors" edict. I walk between 3 - 10 kms daily for my health, either on the streets of my quiet neighborhood or a quiet section of beach. I can easily keep a 2 meter distance between myself and others in either case. Now I'm being asked to stay inside a relatively crowded and cool house instead? How is that more healthy? I thought Thailand's salvation is the hot sun and humidity which makes virus transmission difficult. Now it's okay for me to sit in a confined house or a crowded, air conditioned Big C but I have to stay out of the fresh air and sunlight? Sorry, doesn't make any sense to me. Mandate wearing masks in public places (which ARE effective in preventing a carrier from transmitting the virus to a non infected person), and break up gatherings of people, but don't lock us down in houses.
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