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  1. No, it is not. There is approx. 1 million Baht in one of my Bank accounts that has to remain there for Retirement purposes at Immigration. That IS a worry..... about what happens to that after I die.....! Maybe I should rethink that? But thanks, anyway. It's a thought.
  2. My view too. I have a valid will for my UK assets. I believe that I have to make a will here in Thailand for my Thai assets, which means it somehow has to mirror, (both in English and Thai), my UK Will. My uneasiness surrounds how likely it is that a Lawyer, the police, the Bank or someone else, doesn't manage to purloin the lot instead of it all going to my girlfriend. We are both thinking the same way. Thank you.
  3. That sounds interesting - but how do I do that? Even though I have been here many years, I have no idea how to contact you personally. Sorry to appear thick, have seen that message a number of times but never really gave it much thought. Is it possible to do that via TV? Please educate me and I would be happy to contact you. Thanks.
  4. Thank you for that - I'll have a very serious look at it. It may be exactly what I need. I was unable to find something like that by myself. Cheers!
  5. Yes, I am now considering that - have thought about it in the past, but we have been happy as we are. Now, it takes on a more serious note and some discussion between us. Do you know if it can it be registered in my own country, UK, without having to physically return? (That may appear to be a stupid question, but it would be interesting to know for sure). Thanks for your advice.
  6. That is certainly an option - I will have to look at that. We are both single, but have decided up to now to remain unmarried. Thank you. Obvious move, but it hasn't crossed my mind recently. I need to think about that.
  7. After two accidents in the past four years, one quite serious, and considering my age is approaching 75, my thoughts turn to making preparations for what happens when I die and my UK family have suggested the same thing too. It has been on my mind for a while….. I know what has to happen regarding notifying the police, Embassy, obtaining a local Death certificate, what my wife must do and how to contact the members of my UK family, and the never-ending details of personal matters that I must compile, sort and record to set ‘my affairs’ in order – and how to provide step by step instructions using simple prompt cards for the myriad of things she will need to do on my demise. The whole process is daunting to me, let alone my partner, (we aren’t married) and she has never needed to do this kind of stuff before, although I don’t suppose many of our partners/wives have either. So while I’m planning and thinking, certain worries repeatedly crop up in my head. They are: · Do the police have the authority to take possession/confiscate my Bankbooks and credit cards, whether they be for UK or Thai Banks? · Do they expect my passport to be handed over to them? My Birth Certificate? · If so, what happens then – and how are they processed? When does my ‘wife’ get them back? – How does she get them back? · What action is taken by the bank? How do these matters proceed? Does anyone know, please? · If a Thai will is made, how is it possible to be sure that the lawyer isn’t going to ‘pocket’ your assets? Or the police for that matter… Do they, (either police or Lawyers have the right to establish your wealth by ordering the bank to provide information? Like many on this forum, everything here in Thailand will go to my long-term girlfriend and our daughter. The same goes for my assets in UK. I have a UK will and am now preparing to source a reliable lawyer here in Thailand for the Thai side of things. But I am extremely uneasy about the renowned dishonesty of the Legal brigade. I have tried to find information on this forum, but although I know the subject has been aired before – I cannot find it, so if someone has a link, I would be grateful. I would also be grateful for any factual information that you can provide. I look forward to hearing what you have to say and advise. Thank you.
  8. No! Getting out of their air-conditioned offices and patrolling the roads in their air-conditioned cars will not work. The police need to get out of their cars at every infraction of the law and do their job - which is called "policing'! This means, upholding AND enforcing the law, without bribery and kow-towing to the influential. EVERYONE treated the same - including the politicians, the so-called HI-so's AND the police themselves. THAT is what it will take. Nothing less.
  9. I like your brief response very much. It's positive and says everything. I turn 75 this year and I have been here 14 years. I am not wealthy as some are, but I have enough for me to live on and my wife and daughter are happy enough. In all my 14 years here, I have never been treated or viewed, (to my knowledge), with distain or dislike. Without exception, when I smile, Thai people return the smile. They are similar to us in that they don't go around with a fixed smile on their faces all day. I enjoy my interaction with the locals and those Thai people that I meet or meet up with. I speak some Thai and my listening skills, although poor, are improving. I too do not enjoy my Immigration visits, but even if I were elsewhere, there would be something that I didn't like. Life is not perfect. I do, however, plan carefully and monitor all money matters constantly. I have done that most of my working life. Sure, I've made mistakes and lost out on various money projects - who hasn't? But I just get on with it. Many of us on TV or maybe not on TV, probably think in a similar way to me. Many others will not think like that. We make our own choices, decisions and plans - and we are each responsible to decide what is best for us. It is our own, individual responsibility - nobody else's. I expect to stay in Thailand - unless I am told to leave. I have always, throughout my life, had an alternative plan. I still have.
  10. ……… now, about these snakes; there is only one safe snake here with us today.... I will show each of you my one-eyed python - non-poisonous and truly a majestic creature. OK? Then who's first?
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