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  1. Hi Matty64. I can understand why you might want to live in Thailand. Particularly if you had visited here with the Royal Navy. I first came here in 1964 on HMS Falmouth, we steamed up the Chao Praya river overnight and spent 10 days in Bangkok, anchored at great wooden stansions, (huge tree trunks located in the river, lashed together), oppsite the Royal Palace. I was 20 years old. I fell in love with Thailand at that time. I returned in HMS Naiad in 1968 and again on HMS Chichester over a 2 year period as Hong Kong Guardship. By then, Thailand had become a regular visit for HM Shi
  2. Laundries are also closed on Wednesdays - same reason, I believe. You can still 'mash yer monkey'or 'bash yer bishop' every day, if you so wish!
  3. I arrived here in 2004. 90 Days wasn't too onerous in those days. It was something we all did. As more and more people arrived - so the waiting times got longer to get your 90 days stamped chit. Before the Airport Imm. Office was renovated, I recall having to arrive 5-6am and stand waiting, sometimes in the dark to receive my 90 stamped chit and Regularly, that occurred pm. Once I had to return another day after waiting all day - only to have the office close at 3:30pm.. At Promenada, the waiting got worse. Regularly, I needed to be there, sometimes at 2-3am
  4. While we're at it - let's add the 300 Baht fee we used to pay to exit the country those many years ago. you know, the 300 Baht payment that was 'scrapped' , and added on to our air fares instead. This smacks of yet another attempt to make foreigners pay more. In a few years, this will also be scrapped, and sneaked into another tax we have to pay. After the next rigged election, some tosspot will come up with another 300 Baht scheme. And so we go round and round.
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