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  1. Alternative to what? What other alternatives are there apart from State controlled hotel quarantine?
  2. Mine are quite sparkly and kind of round. They look very clear and can tell me what the future is when a pair of hands starts caresses the roundness of them.
  3. Soi Dog foundation. Another self-righteous, self-indulgent group of persons making a living out of mutt misery, instead of addressing the root cause of a problem. When was the last time, (or hundreds of thousands of times) when this money seeking organisation pushed for a Thai prosecution? Foreigners only, and I don't condone what the mick did. The answer is clear. Eradicate the verminous and often dangerous dogs from every soi and every village in the country. Put compulsive dog licensing by owners into law. Big financial penalties for not doing so. Post-Cov
  4. We will never know, of course, just who, exactly - these 40 odd Chinese 'tourists' are, will we? China bans outward travel, yet allows 40 'specials' to enter Thailand. Another 300 soon. Thailand agrees - specifically Chinese nationals only. The 40 arrivals are all suitably attired in highly protective clothing. Did they buy these or were they provided by the communist Chinese government? Will all Chinese arrivals be dressed the same, courtesy of China? They will all spend 14 days in quarantine at Government approved, (and owned?) hotels. They can stay for thr
  5. Unless, of course, it mutated early on - after a so-called 'cure' was established..... One can go on forever, conspiring to justify conspiracies that others are unable to prove or disprove
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