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  1. Saw a similar unit 3 weeks ago at All Seasons Place, Bangkok.
  2. Maybe need to check the ventilation system that doesn't recirculate any virus contaminated air from either inside/outside the cinema theater and/or increase room circulation volumes away from the audience areas.
  3. "worse than initially estimated" Finally, something about the economy that BOT has been consistent on for the last 3 years.
  4. "should not have an impact on status and performance of the savings cooperatives" In a bankruptcy the company has lost capital value due to irreversible losses to the extent it is not any longer liquid enough to continue borrowing. Doesn't that mean by definition that THAI's creditors will not be made immediately whole but must accept some diminished debt claim against the company for the company to continue operating, ie., under chapter 11? As such there is a predictable minimum short term impact on savings cooperatives interests. If their debt were offered immediately for sale, who'd believe they would fully recover at 100%. Given THAI's disreputable long history of failed performance, savings cooperatives would be fortunate to get back 30% on THAI's debt.
  5. JV includes Sino-Thai Engineering and Construction, a mainstay of Thai government contracts. What I find peculiar is that the JV will be signing the contract with the Thai Navy for construction of an airport.
  6. If Red Cross extends the age for donation it would help its O negative supply.
  7. A number of experimental vaccines in Western developed nations are now in human clinical trials, far ahead of Thailand. Hard to imagine Thailand will jump ahead of them to get a marketable covid vaccine. Note the term "marketable." It has no relevance to effacy, ie., 20-90% effective against covid19 infection. One US developer I heard might have a vaccine out before year-end (POTUS Trump says in October) but seems a caveot as to how effective it will be and duration of that effectiveness. Basically sounds like a "political filler" vaccine that will meet the needs of the government image than the medical needs of the population.
  8. The Trump regime needs to change the name DOJ to the Trump Foundation Inc.
  9. Relevant Pattaya officials should have considered being charged with negligent homicide unless they can show it was impossible to prevent illegal use of the subject U-turn.
  10. Isn't because the now G7 rotates the chairmanship each year and Trump is this year's chairman? That said I believe that there has to be a consensus of the G7 members for the meeting and agenda; Trump can't dictate the agenda.
  11. Up to now it's been the Debtors of Thai (principle the Thai government) that has controlled fiscal policies of the airlines. In bankruptcy it is the Creditors who will take control of at least 60 vs 200 billion of fiscal policies. It will be interesting to see the path to reconciliation for an adversarial government when it comes to nationalism vs private enterprise.
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