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  1. Farmers have said for the last 5-6 years that to make a reasonable profit margin (ie., 30%) they need a much higher price in the range of 80-85.
  2. Likely Prayut decided to back off before he would be embarrassed by the courts as violating the law. PM Yingkuck tried using State of Emergency in 2013/2014 to shutdown PDRC anti-government protests. Protest leaders filed suit against such use and the court ruled that such use was illegal against peaceful protests even when they occupied Government House.
  3. 90 volunteers A meaningless test size to test a new vaccine.
  4. If the roundup of peaceful protesters is the result of a State of Emergency as invoked by Prayut for Bangkok, the action is illegal according to the Thai courts. In February 2014 the Court ruled against PM Yingluck using emergency powers under a 60-day State of Emergency to disperse peaceful protesters. See asia.nikkei.com and Reuters.com. Ancillary to the ruling (as I recall) was that the police use of water cannons and tear gas to disperse peaceful protesters in December 2013 was illegal even as protesters forcibly entered and occupied Government House. Effectively, the Cour
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