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  1. Compared to Vietnam, Thailand ranks FIRST! Overall compared to the whole of ASEAN membership, Thailand fails as the Medical Hub of ASEAN. But a first under the Prayut regime, so kudos?
  2. As I read the report on page 65, in part the USA is waiting for Thailand to amend its Copyright Act and put enforcement teeth in it, especially with IP. . With regard to pirated and fake goods being (massively?) imported from China to Thailand, the USA appears to want more Import enforceable procedures by Thailand to stop such products from China BEFORE they enter the Thai marketplace where enforcement burden shifts to the RTP.
  3. If you have Immigration's Certificate of Residence required to be in your passport and obtaining annual extensions, the 90-day report is meaningless. Lack of it doesn't trigger overstay.
  4. Too late, I think within ASEAN Singapore leads with most 'jabs' per 100 people (30 vs Thailand at 0.8?).
  5. The US has begun to export its surplus stockpile of AstraZeneca to share with the rest of the world, specifically now to Canada and Mexico. How about sending US surplus vaccines to US embassies for US citizens? Sent via diplomatic pouch to bypass customs & foreign government red tape if vaccination happens within US sovereign embassy grounds?
  6. I believe that in 2018 Phra Buddha Isara (aka Issara then and Suvit Thongprasert now) was disrobed in connection with being charged with criminal violation of Section 29 of the 1962 Sangha Act.
  7. SinoVac vaccine? Perhaps one of the 50,000 vaccinated can reveal this to the public.
  8. Unilatersl ban on drinking products. Another example of a sham ASEAN trade agreement. Expect Thailand to retaliate as that seems to be it's best trade policy.
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