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  1. I chose no. 1 only on the provision that a suitable vaccine (not Sino or spudnik) is available before the extension deadline. Currently it appears earliest date will be April depending on availability at private healthcare institutions? I would prefer a more proactive approach that when one appears for their extension at immigration that they are vaccinated by the Health Ministry if not already vaccinated (through employment, etc,). Special visa members (Elite, Talent, etc.) would not be exempt. That said, all IO's involved directly with visa extension applicants shall have had
  2. The Prayut government has been in place for almost seven years and still no solutions. Other than regime change?
  3. 'local transmissions' From where please. And how transmitted? Simple journalism.
  4. A Republican how of unity - what crime must they commit?
  5. It's about having the right connections in Thailand. Suthep had Prayut. Prayut had his superior (?). Leaving PDRC out of the military's new Constitution's amnesty provision simplified the constitutionality of the military's amnesty.
  6. Ironically, the 500,000+ military includes the People's Militia.
  7. Can anyone remind me what percentage of the population must be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity? 95% is often cited and 200,000 doses is likely to vaccinate far less people. So the danger of community infection in these provinces will remain high, especially by creating a false impression of community invulernability to the virus. Might do better to apply 200,000 doses in one province with a small population, ie., 210,000.
  8. Maybe the Thai Treasury should raise more funding to offset the economic affects of covid-19 by selling its majority stake in THAI.
  9. Maybe he thought from public concerns maybe Sinovac would have less efficacy (less than 50%?) with exposure to some of the Covid-19 variants such as So. Africa and UK. So double down with A-Z that requires two shots (maybe only one in combination of Sinovac?). Ah, the good fortunes of the powerful.
  10. So the first vaccine the PM ordered was SinoVac but he's personally taking the A-Z vaccine (likely produced in India)?
  11. “If a deponent refuses to answer a question at a deposition, and the answer is not protected by a privilege or otherwise as set forth in the state’s rules, the deposing attorney may file a motion with the court to compel a response. They may even obtain monetary sanctions against the deponent for a refusal to answer (source).” https://depositionacademy.com/answering-questions-during-depositions/ So for Trump, a lot of "I don't recall," "I lost my long-term memory because of Covid-19 infection,", etc. Lying under oath is perjury, a felony and even if in a civil case, could be re
  12. It has been surmised and limited observations shown that if one having been vaccinated with any of the covid-19 vaccines is subsequently exposed to one of the new strains like the African strain, the efficacy is lowered. So you really want to begin with as highest as possible efficacy of vaccine. mRNA-type vaccines seem less affected.
  13. The Supreme Court I recall said it's unconstitutional for Parliament to issue subpoenas or investigate government alleged "wrongdoing." That leaves various so-called independant bodies like NACC to investigate government officials. Good luck with that.
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