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  1. The irony that both the US and Iran are on the EU travel ban list.
  2. Egat buys from Malaysia's Petronas already as spot market prices. So buy directly from Malaysia?
  3. Thailand Post offers Courier Post service in collaboration with DHL covering 40 countries. Delivery is said to be within a week's time but much more expensive than EMS.
  4. 'Not following social distancing' What's the point now? BTS has just eliminated social distancing seat spacing in their carriages to increase passenger capacity after schools and colleges reopened. Why can't businesses do the same?
  5. 'Insurance coverage for 100,000 USD' Yet extension for annual visas only required to have 400,000 baht for inpatient coverage according to Immigration regulations? Why aren't Immigration rules not followed by CAAT who seems to require a much higher level of coverage?
  6. BTS train recording I heard says refrain from Talking. Not limited to talking on the phone. So much for the group of 5 teen aged boys I saw on my last BTS ride who talked nonstop very animatedly for 5 stops with masks lowered. Unless there's a roaming BTS monitor no talking won't stop.
  7. I believe one excuse given by Thai police was that an exact location was required for foreign authorities to conduct an arrest and all the Thai police ever had was what city he was spotted, ie., in Spain and the UK. A bit lame really.
  8. Two more ways to the prosecution of "Boss": 1. Why wasn't he arrested when he returned to Thailand for several days passing through Thai immigration control after arriving and departing via a private aircraft? As I remember, Immigration said it wasn't their responsibility to notify the Police so that allegedly the police only learned of his arrival after he then fled to Singapore. 2. As I recall the "past/current" Prayut government has several times with other alleged criminals who fled the country to avoid prosecution asserted the right to try them in absentia in order to prevent statue of limitations from expiring before their prosecution. Why isn't that done with Boss?
  9. Odd no mention of a control group in the trial, ie., group receives a placebo. Looks like the trial is designed for a particular result.
  10. Even if it had, wouldn't it have to be ratified unanimously by each of the 27 EU members - which I doubt would pass?
  11. This about reversing decades of societal racism embedded through government and corporate institutions.
  12. And when several months ago Trump heard from US Intelligence agencies that Russia was offering Afghanistan militants bounties on killing US soldiers, Trump did ..... Nothing. Yet during that time, Trump promoted Russia's return to the now G7. How does one account for Trump's foreign policies when they appear arbitrary and inconsistent?
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