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  1. Do the same so called screenings, occure at those out of the way land border crossings where I've personally witnessed many individuals freely crossing the border with no need of producing identity papers... The way inwhich the virus spreads is still unclear to many world leading professionals, I know who's words I would rather trust.
  2. The general lifestyle is far better than Thai. Thai pollution figures are supplied from which agent? Thai! Figures can so easily be under or over stated, to please...
  3. VH farmers are more pro active farmers who do not need to drink whiskey before and during a working day. VH rice is far better quality with next to no extoruon attached with most of the VH peoples being able to read, write and speak the global language of English.
  4. Religion, politics, greed and the need for power tend to go hand in hand, including financial commerce. Humans seem to care less about each other plus nature focusing their efforts on materialistic things: Merc, BMW, iPhone, gold, power etc plus greed. Sad world.
  5. As a FARANG told by a Thai government official to <deleted> OFF, why would I want to invest in such a racist country????
  6. Leave Thailand! The land of free people. The land of humble people. The land of smiles... Well, a Thai minister did tell FARANG to FXXK OFF with most Thai making it very obvious FARANG are not liked so I guess 'Som nom na' Thailand, FARANG are now FXXKING OFF. Be happy Thai, after all it is what you want.
  7. Disgusting! I'm a westerner that has been attacked ss well as enduring racial abuse by Thais on may occassions, however, racism is not called for. Im in hope the British police will serve the correct punishment to the attacker...
  8. Look for a reason!!! The rapist Thai teacher assulted an under aged female student, usual practise. He should be put in prison and gang banged by other sex crazed male offender inmates! And Thai accuse foreginers of being,sex mad. Typical outcome, find an excuse, let the rapist Thai teacher do merit and allowed to go home to mummy and whiskey.
  9. Hopefully far less, so Thai can start realize how important all tourists, not just Chinese or Indian, are to the land of frowns, and show far more respect for FXXK OFF FARANG!!
  10. Higher salaries. Much better working conditions. Easier process of obtaining a crimnal record, B visa, work permit! Cut out the corrupt Thai directors plus teachers. Instruct Thai students to stop being racist and show far more respect for their guests. Housing. Medical insurance. Paid holidays. Cut out the pathetic Bull sxxt most non Thai teachers are subjectec to. Respect foreginers for assisting Thailand! Standards are low simply because Thai do not respect FARANG Simple! Thai would rather tell FARANG to FXXK OFF!!
  11. Has anyone witnessed how crazy Grab plus Pizza motorbike delivery men ride motorbikes? I'm not surprised the food was rejected, and why should the delivery man foot the bill? For what!? Customer services in Thailand is way below par coupled with the big headed, ego attitude, look at me territory.
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