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  1. Typical Thai lawless, I'm so perfect mind set. More people die because of Thai immature mentality. Life means nothing here. Only greed for a baht is important. Sad... Those fxxing van drivers do not follow the law, as is the case with most Thai. The police do jack! Lazy mothers. And people call this place Paradise . Get real!
  2. Could there be more to this story than meets the eye? The UK sell it's embassy in Bangkok rings alarm bells my ears. Could confidence in an undemocratic, increasingly violent, racist plus lawless country that lives in the past be weakening? The United kingdom maybe be a snall country compared to others, but without doubt have a lot of influence. In my opinion, this move is a sign Thailand should consider.
  3. Thankfully for me I've seen the light and decided to get out of this pathetic place so I personally dont give a ....t! I've a Yellow book, which to be honest has not really benifited me as I've tried so hard for over ten years to be intergrated into Thai society with very little satisfaction, suffering much stress and loss of millions of Baht in the process wasting over ten years of my life on an expensive false dream. Thailand is not worth it. Are Chinese, Indian or Russian citizens required to report their movements? I doubt it... To be possibly arrested, placed in jail or deported for simply washing my own motorbike sums this place up to me. It is parhetic, as are many aspects of trying to be apart of the Thai culture. Will foreigners be expected to have a visa to go to the toilet or take a shower, after all, those are voluntary actions.. That is how pathetic it has become here. There are better places to visit or reside within. 'Get out will you can', is my point of view. Good luck to the brave who decide to stay.
  4. Typical Thai response. Terrorism, that old chestnut again, used by many nations as simply an excuse. Thai immigration law is not helping the Thai nation, that is obvious to see, plus it is not uniform, consistent, fair, in line with inflation and very unfair! For example, free tourist visas to Chinese and Indians but the main spenders, Westerners, are basically told to F off. Racism without a doubt. If only my Government treated Thai in that manner...
  5. A report recently stated that Thais are big spenders, the report was based on Visa credit spendimg! It comes as no surprise Thai are in debt considering how corrupt Thailand is with high ranking officials lieing about their true assests or wearing expensive watches plus rings... T.I.T and it will probably get worse...
  6. Expensive. Poor inflight services. Ground plus cabin crew stand offish, nothing like the adverts as shown within media. Thai staff made me feel unwelcome plus uncomfortable, as though I ow them not the other way round. Customet services in Thailand is very poor. Thai are too above themselves.
  7. Pay more for what? Vehicles unsafe. Extortion. The service as a whole is rubbish, and I dont like the idea the taxi driver may have fire arms and potential killer!
  8. Have dicators ever given-up their normally unwelcomed positions of forceful power? Historical events clearly show what normally happens to dicators. It is just a matter of time. Nothing lasts no matter who or what a person is / are...
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