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  1. what was the survey question? Where would you rather be? A) in London under grey skies, cold and wet B)be swimming in crystal clear waters and comfortable 28 degrees in sunny Phuket C)Afghanistan D)Nijeria E)The North Pole ...and the survey said!!! B!!!!
  2. look how flimsy the Chilean is..even if he was bigger, the moment he fights back, pack of dogs will come out of nowhere to beat him up to a bloody pulp.
  3. Mayor flying high again! He's got too much free time in his hands I think. Neo Pattaya, Pattaya to become "quarantine travel bubble" Pattaya to become next Miami, next Singapore, next Dubai What's next?
  4. He can yell, scream, plead, beg, cry, sob and it ain't gonna do no good. It's a situation of "is it the chicken or the egg first" Right now, none of the above, unless most of the world is vaccinated, cases are way down, people have some extra cash in their pockets and a vaccine passport Otherwise forget 'bout it!
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