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  1. 555. P my pants reading this whooper! Try enacting traffic law enforcement, mentioned for the millionth time!
  2. No. The property bubble in 97 was far bigger. Real estate speculation was rampant and out of control then.
  3. New Economics party supporting Sufficiency theory? Don't think that's legit. Methinks some brown envelopes passed to them.
  4. Yes, Thailand is so far ahead of the Western countries in cancer research and international publications backing up this claim. Hub of one (researcher)?
  5. Many people come to Thailand to party! That often takes it past arbitrary 2am closure. You can head to bed at midnight, let the partying continue without you. No problem.
  6. Many bars ignore the no smoking laws. Seen many times patrons at a table with no smoking sign posted next to them, and ignored by patrons and bar staff.
  7. Majority of alcohol related accidents are not farang tourists, but locals on motor bikes.
  8. Stupid new rules that idiot coup PM brought in, that indeed need to be scrapped. Including the midday ban that historically unpopular, but somehow endures.
  9. Good sentiment, but reality is he's the official leader of the Gov't. And until another election or coup, everyone is stuck with this Bozo and what he does n says.
  10. Except orders from coup leader Generals. And why? Does anyone really know?
  11. USA, few isolated states not necessarily representative. Look at Canada, country wide legal lalmost 1 year now and no increase in crime or traffic accidents due to cannibis. No social upheaval that you naysayers purport. It's not the evil thing you say.
  12. Yes, it does. Tells them where all the law abiding foreigners are every given day. Criminals will ignore or falsify. Great way to OUT the baddies.
  13. Perfect time for overhaul of entire RTP. Oh, sorry. Forgot who's at the top. Carry on same same.
  14. Easy way to get immediate cash, but will be one time shot to their cash holdings. But leases add more to annual operating costs yearly. And surely doesn't fix the fundamental problem that total annual costs exceed total annual revenues. Thai Air will never turn a profit.
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