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  1. 500 baht and a wai will fix this. Oh wait I thought it was a Thai bf. Sorry, life imprisonment and 1000000 baht fine.
  2. Choose one of the green spots on this map if you can find one for your house and invest in a few canoes.
  3. The seat in the Mazda 2 cuts off leg blood circulation on any ride of distance. The paint scratches in a strong breeze and the service department are professional scam artists. You can't have many repairs done except by them because the cars computer can't be bypassed by an average mechanic. If you change your own oil for example but can't turn off the change oil reminder they will void your warranty for "ignoring scheduled maintenance". Choose a basic easily replicated color also. My ex smashed her Mazda 2 with the special 10k baht extra red metallic paint now she has a two tone Mazda 2. She had them re do the paint four times before just giving up.
  4. I love how people think embassies have a staffed travel agent with unlimited funds to fly morons back home or a stack of get out of jail free cards to hand out on request. That's gonna be an eye opening phone call.
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