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  1. I did mine last Thursday, same @Dmaxdan, and finish one hour later. No people, no queue and police very friendly. ... Don’t forget Make 2 copies of all documents.
  2. Easy; Drive inside of the office’s parking, if haven’t place go out and take first u turn. you will find more parking in front IO.... 20 baht.
  3. End of the world: 'We are living on borrowed time' latest apocalypse prediction claims I told you, Jesus just coming back and has been seen on the streets, and from his attitude, it seems that he does not come to punish us FullSizeRender.mov
  4. I heard the Cambodian jails are “5 stars”.... So burn in the hell the rest of your life...
  5. The question was ... How to keep the commoners distracted from the real crisis that the country is suffering ...
  6. It seems that this boy's father has nothing to do with this matter.
  7. With The Brit missing and the beer hidden, difficult to resolve the case..
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