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  1. Bit off topic but, I made an online appointment yesterday..(16th) and all went well. But I thought they were suppose to email something to show when I checked in? I went back and checked and all the info is there. I wrote down the booking number. Will that be enough? Thanks
  2. I don't think there are any Americans working in Citizen Services any more. Last communication I had from them was definitely not a native speaker. Poor English.
  3. Anyone else having an issue with transferring money here using Wise? I have had a borderless account for 3 or 4 years now. Every month I send money from my home bank account to NYC Wise. This morning. i get a message from Wise saying they need more information before they can send the money I requested. They want to know who sent the money to my NCY Wise.......ME...They want to know my full name...first, middle and last. They want my birthdate and....where I reside. My address with them is listed as USA, but that isn't available on the drop down list. I have to enter .
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