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  1. Bush was seen on his knees yesterday, signing camp fire songs with Biden. Now if the Chinese and Russian leaders will do the same,,,,the world will be a better place...
  2. I live in bkk..my address on the TM 30 is here. Can I fly to Phuket and extend my Non OA there? Don't think so, but same cost as flying in and out of country.
  3. I have a 3 year old OA...not married to a Thai. It expires Aug. 5th. This is great news ..if..I can extend!! Fingers crossed..
  4. I have a lady friend that didn't like it when I told her I couldn't see her anymore. Now she wants 10,000 to help pay for a new Tablet or she will come to my condo and talk to my live in gf. If you want a sideline girl....don't tell her where you live.
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