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  1. No, not bad at all. Pattaya was doing quite well over all, pre-covid. Someone will be along, I'm sure, to say that they talked to so-and-so and his business wasn't doing well. That's the way of the World. Some businesses succeed, some don't. Home Pro opened 2 stores in Pattaya. Likely, some Mom and Pop hardware or paint stores closed. One business failing doesn't mean all businesses are failing. Instead, look at what is opening, as well. Terminal 21. Dozens of new hotels, including large highrise ones in north Pattaya. Two new water parks. New housing estates. New condo p
  2. Definitely more Asian but actually the only Western country with slightly fewer tourists was Australia. For Asian countries, Singapore was also slightly down.
  3. They've administered most of the meager supply they had and there's not much in the pipeline until the local production starts so the cupboard looks pretty bare to me. 532,000 fully vaccinated is pathetic.
  4. It would also be correct to say they are not yet available for most Thai nationals, as well.
  5. You know you're in deep kimchi when you see the word 'AIM' in any pronouncement from this government.
  6. So, local production will fall woefully short--just 5 mil doses in December! We better hope they can secure more doses elsewhere.
  7. Certainly inquire but I think you'll find that in most cases the monthly fees will be modest, even for large condos--one of the big pluses with condo ownership in Thailand. My partner and I have owned condos in different projects in Bangkok, Rayong, and Pattaya. The most we ever paid was 7700 baht a month for a very large 3 bedroom/3 bath condo. About $248. High for Thailand but included in that was weekly maid service, internet, a hot water system, and cable tv. Total bargain. In America I was paying more than that for just the basics in a small 1 bedroom condo--and definitely no maid
  8. No construction that I could see in the demolished area. Just some 'farm' plants that had been planted on the now open land.
  9. I'm for any vaccination program to FINALLY get up and running--even if I am not included. The sooner it gets started, the better.
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