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  1. If they are 118 businessmen why does the headline call them tourists? And, yes, of course they are businessmen. And, businessmen with very compelling reasons that they have to be in Thailand. No actual tourist would go thru the STV process.
  2. Yes! Too soon! But, hey, my partner and I stopped for lunch at Burger Deleted on the motorway rest stop at the beginning of October and they were playing Christmas music and had some sort of Christmas promotion going on.
  3. Pathetic. But, all the ridiculous actions like this just make him stronger.
  4. Of course Pattaya is hurting--nobody said it isn't. I was responding to your comment that only Thai families in pickups go to the beach. North Pattaya Beach, where I am, is seeing numbers of Thais coming to Pattaya on weekends, especially holiday weekends. With no international travel, they are traveling domestically. They are coming in enough numbers to keep most of the large hotels in my area open, and some of the small ones, helping to employ some of the many workers who have been laid off. But, yes, there are many closed businesses everywhere. I saw the same thing when my
  5. Okay. You haven't been here in a year--a lot can happen in a year and don't we all now know it. I actually live in north Pattaya Beach. Perhaps I might be a better observer of what is now happening in my neck of the woods on holiday weekends than you. I'm curious, though, how training in Thai boxing camps helps you determine what's happening now on holiday weekends in Pattaya. Just a guess but I think the Thais filling all the north Pattaya Beach hotel rooms on holiday weekends are mostly from Bangkok and probably few are boxers.
  6. Missing the point. The 1MB deal garners the publicity. It doesn't mean everyone will buy a condo for 1MB--I certainly won't. I'll buy something that more suits my needs; as will likely others. It's basic retail. You advertise a great sale price on merchandise to get the customer in the store and then they usually end up buying something else they find in the store that they like better. And, if they get a 5 year visa, hopefully many will stick around for 5 years--or another 5 if it's renewable--and spend their money in Thailand, rather than some place else, helping the local economy.
  7. Right! Just keep it simple! They need to get on the stick and get some programs going. Easy programs that will be attractive to many rather than the few. Too darn slow with everything they do and they always make it way too complicated.
  8. Pattaya condo fee is 45 baht/sqm. Bangkok condo fee is 40 baht/sqm. Around 200 units in the Pattaya project, 525 in the Bangkok project.
  9. Actually, Richard Nixon--not exactly a member of the radical left--endorsed abolishing the Electoral College during his presidency. At this point it doesn't balance the electorate power--if it ever did. Instead, a handful of swing states unfairly get all the attention every presidential election cycle and a losing candidate who manages to swing those few states can be elected, even though a majority of the voters nationwide, nearly 3 million last election, wanted the other candidate.
  10. And, when were those 7 years? Any time recently? I invite you back some holiday weekend to take a look at the north Pattaya Beach area--which has been totally transformed in the last few years, along with the beach. We have no international tourists right now yet on holiday weekends, and to a lesser extent regular weekends, the large hotels in north Pattaya Beach are mostly booked. Dusit, Cape Dara, Mytt, Mercure, Amari, Holiday Inn, Ozo, A-01, Grande Centre Point, [email protected], and others, plus some of the smaller hotels. Who is filling all those rooms? Mostly domestic Thai tourists. Su
  11. I'm an American. We also had almost a century and a half of not allowing women to vote--that was also the law in my country! Not to mention also excluding minorities and non-land owners. Eventually, the laws were changed. The Electoral College at this point has become an embarrassment that has unfairly created 'swing states' that attract all the attention of the candidates in presidential elections, while the other states, and their voters, are virtually ignored.
  12. Only in Trumpland, that land of fake news, that land of alternative truth, that land of 20,000 lies, would an election loss by almost 3 MILLION votes be called a 'landslide'. Rescued from clear defeat, unfortunately, by the unfortunate Electoral College. Pity it wasn't abolished years ago. We would have been spared the disaster of Bush 2 and now the infinitely worse Trump.
  13. I believe you are thinking of Ohio regarding your 'No republican president has won if they lost...' comment.
  14. I selected number 3 but I hope hope hope it's a very clear, convincing Biden win. Anything less and Trump will completely muddy the waters with his lies and he will refuse to leave. Just yesterday he said it would be 'iffy' if he would leave if he loses. Unbelievable him saying that and BEFORE the election! Imagine how he will act AFTER the election when he doesn't have to try to restrain himself and can go into full tilt, unhinged, stark raving mad mode. It's scary he has been laying the ground work to not leave for months now--especially his lying attacks over and over on absent
  15. Actually, lots of Thais, of all ages. It's true if you go to the beach during the hottest, sunniest part of the day you will see fewer Thais on the beach. (And, fewer sightings of me.) I see them out on the beach in the early morning, sitting in the shade of the highrise beachfront hotels. When the shade leaves, so do they. But, they're back out in large numbers late in the afternoon and early evening, once the sun is about to go down.
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