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  1. Well, my partner and I had very nice flights in Economy to and from Europe on THAI in April. Non-stop to Rome going and then non-stop back from Paris. Both flights we had an empty seat next to us so that was great to have a little extra room. Food and service were good and so were the movie and tv choices to pass the time. The trip back was especially nice on the double-decker A380. Love flying on that plane and it's a pity it hasn't been more popular. I guess the A380 will be on the chopping block to economize.
  2. Dear Denmark, You really don't want this unstable, egotistical, delusional tub of lard wacko of ours coming for a visit--ever. Take it from a long-suffering America, you dodged a bullet. Sincerely, USA
  3. Hard to pick just 10 but here are 10 that I turn the volume up on the radio when they come on: Unchained Melody, The Righteous Brothers The Sound of Music, Julie Andrews Sweet Dreams, Patsy Cline The Way I Feel Tonight, Bay City Rollers Some Enchanted Evening, Jane Olivor Over the Rainbow, by Judy Garland Somewhere, Barbra Streisand Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen Isn't Life Strange, The Moody Blues Dedicated to the One I Love, The Mamas and the Papas
  4. Do NOT steal the furniture or anything else. That could just bring on more problems. You could go to court to try to get your deposit back but the lawyer's fees would probably eat up anything you might get--if you get anything at all. Not worth the time or the risk in my opinion. In your shoes, from what you have described, I would cut my losses and move to another rental.
  5. Just the usual talk, talk, talk. The only meaningful, long-term crackdown would be to prohibit these death traps from carrying passengers.
  6. Yes, I'll go with None of the Above, too.
  7. My god what a total oblivious clown we Americans have as a President. Cavorted with Epstein and then tries to accuse the Clintons of having him killed--when he has a lot more to lose than they do with 2020 coming up. Calls out someone in the audience at a rally as being fat when he is a huge tub of lard, himself. Seems to believe he has done more as President than any other in history (Umm, FDR?) when all he has accomplished so far is a tax cut for the rich. Now he thinks he can buy Greenland? He gets scarier every day.
  8. I didn't know which way to vote on this. My Thai partner's mother is 88 and has been in and out of the hospital for the past 2 1/2 months. Bangkok resident, no medical insurance. Maybe the system works for something simple like a broken arm, or an annual check-up that you can wait for an available appointment for, but when you are dealing with something that needs immediate attention like colon cancer that has spread to another organ it gets a lot more complicated--and expensive. Her current medical bills total more than 1.5MB and we're nowhere near the finish line. At this point she is still in the hospital. She has been in the ICU 3 different times for about a week or more each time and that is not free--far from it. It was work just finding a hospital in Bangkok with room to take her and then a doctor to do the surgery. Maybe it is easier out in the sticks. If she gets strong enough to do chemotherapy apparently there are 2 types she could use with her cancer. One is less invasive with fewer side effects but each treatment costs much more than the other one. Neither is free--you choose expensive or very expensive. I keep asking my partner isn't medical care suppose to be free or you just pay a small fee and I keep getting the answer no. Luckily she has 5 children and they are all contributing to her medical bills but it's a struggle for them to pay these very large and continuing bills. It seems like there should be some better options for Thais than what my partner and his siblings are dealing with now. I suppose the very poor get some sort of free care, although perhaps with a long wait, and the very rich can take care of high medical bills, but it doesn't seem very good for Thais in the middle--neither poor nor rich.
  9. Yes, I realize it was a passenger van--which I feel are totally unsuitable and unsafe to haul passengers. You're pretty much a goner if you're in an accident because there's no way out for most of the passengers--who are usually packed in, as this one was.
  10. Except for the graffiti everywhere you look... And, the painful lack of public restrooms no matter what country I was in... And, the pickpockets everywhere... And, the electric scooters running you down on the sidewalks... And, the trash in the streets and even the fountains... And the...
  11. Yes, likely the driver's fault. But, also likely that if the passengers had been in a proper bus designed for passengers and not cargo, there might not have been 11 killed.
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