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  1. He was not blaming the cyclist. He was pointing out that there is a very good paved cycling track right next to the road that was built for cyclists to use and to get them off the traffic road--which is a busy 2 lane road with lots of curves that can be dangerous for cyclists--even from non-drunk drivers. My partner and I are always remarking to each other why don't they use the cycling track when we see cyclists on the main road.
  2. "For the general public, vaccines will start on March 1st". No, they won't. Not for the 'general public'. No way. Not with so few doses and two needed. They'll all go the generals, politicians, hisos, hangers on, and, maybe, hopefully, if any doses are left to the health workers at risk. Look who are getting the first two jabs: the PM and the Health Minister. Way down the road in June the 'general public' might finally get started--if they can get the factory up and running. A big if.
  3. I have 'travelled the world' and I do not have a record card for vaccinations--and have never been asked for it at any country I have visited. Probably years ago my parents had records for the vaccinations us kids had but I have no idea whatever became of them.
  4. I have condos in the center of the city in both Pattaya and Bangkok and, yes, you can find peace and quiet at night. Have not had a problem at either one of them. I did, however, have some of the same problems you described when I owned condos in very large, new condo projects. These are the ones, I think, that are more likely to have lots of short-term illegal renters. I finally wised up and now I live in older projects with fewer, but much larger units. My Pattaya condo has 200 units and the Bangkok one, around 500. My previous Pattaya condo project had 1200 units, with many
  5. Umm. Only 994,000 British tourists came in the banner, record-setting year of 2019. ALL of Europe was only 6.7 million in 2019. We are already almost into March of 2021 and quarantine is still in effect. This may be the absolute dumbest Thai tourist statement ever made--and, yes, that is saying something considering some of the past whoppers.
  6. "16,300 kept in reserve in case they are needed". Too rich. You can't make this up.
  7. Hails the arrival but wisely chooses not to get it himself.
  8. Maybe we should all tune back in come June--this is all just a complete waste of time. Maybe a waste of time in June, too. Wake me when the 63 million doses arrive--it won't be our turn until then--if then.
  9. As I said before, when this was already a news item a week ago, Step 1 should be procuring the vaccines in very large numbers, which hasn't been done. All this ridiculous 'step' business when there's nothing in the way of vaccines to 'process'.
  10. In Thailand. For destination weddings. Destination weddings are one of the reasons why the big hotels in north Pattaya all have very large meeting and entertainment spaces. Mytt, Grande Centre Point, Ozo, Holiday Inn, Dusit, Cape Dara, and the very large Grande Centre Point 2 now being built, among others.
  11. 2019 tourism stats: East Asia: 16.6 million. ASEAN: 10.6 million. South Asia: 2.3 million. Oceania: 886,000. No, they are likely not targeting Australia or NZ with such small numbers if their plan is to get 10 million tourists this year starting with the third quarter.
  12. Another lousy, poorly written headline headline. But, hey, we're ranked ahead of politicians!!! Yaa!!!
  13. Jomtien. But there are other nice areas of Pattaya you might consider, such as Wongamat. If you plan to be in a house I would suggest you also try the Lake Mabprachan area, as well. A great walking/bike path has been built along the lake. Lots of restaurants and markets. When you go into town you are closer to places like Terminal 21, Index, Home Pro, and Bangkok Pattaya Hospital that are in the north part of Pattaya, and it's an easy jump onto the motorway for trips to Bangkok.
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