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  1. And, some of the older crowd (me), also do not spend much time (none) on bar stools.
  2. It's ridiculous the hoops the US Embassy makes you jump through. I'm a US citizen very slowly filling out the very tedious on-line DS 160 form to apply for a tourist visa for my Thai spouse. I've been working on it for days--so much detailed information that is demanded. The form itself is a nightmare--it times out after a few minutes even while you are working on it and you have to sign back in again--another ridiculous, tedious process that alone takes 5 or 6 different steps. And, getting the blasted form done is only the first step in the process. Merde. Guess I've cooled off enough to make another stab at the form. Now, where's my 10 digit application number code?
  3. Say what you will, the beach is looking great. Drove by Pattaya Beach this morning and then found myself driving by Jomtien Beach later and noticed how narrow Jomtien Beach is in comparison. Glad they are planning to widen it, too.
  4. Yes. One only needs to look at how The Base was when it first opened and compare it to what it has become. So sad--and the result of massive, unchecked illegal daily rentals. Owners don't want to live in such a place and neither do long-term renters, such as yourself. Welcome to The Base Hotel.
  5. Another Pattaya wanna-be weighs in. Clearly hasn't been here any time in the last few years or he wouldn't have made the statement regarding Pattaya Beach. The last few years it has been clean and now, with the beach replenishment, it's beautiful and wide the whole length. Never seen a rat so that's not been a problem. Fat, poorly-dressed people? Well, as an American, I am used to that and have seen far worse at any outlet mall in the US. Spending part of the time in Bangkok, I can say that Pattaya is no worse than Bangkok in cleanliness. So, to sum up, I have the other poster's numbers 1-5. Plus, a now great beach, no rats on me, average amount of trash and average amount of over-weight, poorly dressed people. (A plus in my book because they make me look even better.) Keep dreaming.
  6. I totally fail to see the distinction. You're still breaking the law. Sort of like: Yes, I stole from 7-11 but I was very polite and I dressed well; I certainly see there is a distinction from the way I steal and regular thieves. Yeah, right. But, keep whispering that to yourself if it makes you feel better.
  7. Ah, yes. Another 'Pattaya is Dead' thread, keeping the tradition alive lo these many years. Somewhere, JSixpack is smiling. And, as always, it has brought out all the posters who just can't quit Pattaya, try, try as they might. From north Thailand somewhere, from Mommie's basement somewhere, from near Rayong somewhere, from places not as fun somewhere, from all sorts of somewheres, we know they secretly want to be here. But, the poor things are somewhere else and all they can do is read and comment about Pattaya on ThaiVisa--and dream.
  8. In one of my past lives I was an efficiency expert. If any of you have been to the Bangkok Bank branch at Central Festival, you will know that, as a farang, every time you do business with a teller, the teller has to make a copy of your passport. At this branch, that means getting up from her chair, walking out of the teller area, walking to the front of the bank where the desks and copy machine are, making a copy, walking back to the security door to the teller area, typing in the passcode to get back in to the teller area, re-entering the teller area, and finally--Ta-Da!--giving me my passport copy to sign. Every time I do a transaction I have to bite my tongue. There's a back counter at the teller area, with an electric outlet. It would be so easy to put a small copier there to handle passport copies. It would save so much time and it amazes me that none of the staff has said, hey why in the World don't we have a copier back here? As an aside, I've been banking there for over 8 years, the tellers all know me, but would they allow me to make take money out of my account one time when I forgot my passport? Big no.
  9. Wow. Third worst in the World--that's damning. Should be super embarrassing to the leaders. Should be spurring an all-hands-on-deck large-scale emergency response. But, just another relaxed day of business as usual. Throwing water in the air will continue--along with the talk, talk, talk.
  10. Sounds like Australia is being even more difficult than Thailand.
  11. Our two key words for today from the article are: 'properly enforced'. Used in a sentence: There's not a snowball's chance in Hell that any new legislation on pollution will ever be 'properly enforced'. Likely lots of rules and laws already on the books that are currently not being 'properly enforced'-or even enforced at all. Talk, talk, talk.
  12. OUCH!!! 2000 baht! Count 'em! That's gotta hurt! Teach him a hard, hard lesson he won't soon forget.
  13. I'm curious why the electricity is so high. My partner and I live in a large 3 bedroom condo. We run the ac every night and sometimes during the day, plus an air cleaner., run ceiling fans and floor fans, clothes washer and dryer, tvs, computers, etc., and our electric bill is never more than 1000-1200 baht a month.
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