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  1. There's a fair number of people on the north end of Pattaya Beach this evening enjoying what has become a very nice, clean beach.
  2. But start with Waterfront Condo first. Finish it or tear it down.
  3. My partner (Thai) and I (foreigner) bought a condo in Bangkok and we were both on the chanote. The condo was in foreign quota. We didn't use a mortgage, though, so not sure if that would work in your situation. As others have said, I would consult a lawyer before doing anything else.
  4. Not an economist but maybe start with pulling the trigger on the 'necessary measures' he is 'ready to use'.
  5. Blah, blah, blah. Yes, they are 'worried'. Just like they were worried last week and last month and last year. And just yesterday, too. Yet another 'vow' to do something. Throw it on the pile with all the other vows and promises.
  6. So many people have already been on an enforced holiday from their jobs for 2 months. Why in the world would they be thinking about holding MORE holidays???!!! Let everyone get back to work without all the disruptions Songkran brings. Just cancel it for this year.
  7. Agree. And, add to the mix the trillions of dollars wasted on useless foreign wars that accomplished absolutely nothing.
  8. Not in America, except perhaps for part-time professors teaching only one or two classes.
  9. Perhaps English is not your native language and you didn't grasp my use of sarcasm with my comment on excessive force being used. (When am I ever going to learn to not use sarcasm because someone will always be along to make a comment similar to yours.) Of course I don't think this is a 'normal event'. Good heavens, get real. I'm grappling, as many, many others are, with how an arrest for a rather minor offense would result in the unnecessary, harsh death of the suspect. I realize the police have a difficult job and I always try to give them the benefit of the doubt but really, in this case, there is really no excuse and no doubt.
  10. This is how the police arrest someone for allegedly using counterfeit money in a purchase? Boggles the mind how they would treat a suspected murderer. And, they had to change their story once the video came out. Really, no excuse whatsoever.
  11. I would have done exactly the same as the OP--and then looked for a different restaurant that would allow me to eat with my partner. And, no plastic barrier between us, either. There has to be some sanity with the distancing rules. I hope this Japanese restaurant isn't the one with the famous mountain for a name because my partner and I like to eat there.
  12. I voted for the fewer in the future choice but they could all disappear as far as I'm concerned.
  13. I have to disagree again--at least for resident private cars. There are lots of residents who live in the cordoned off area that you mentioned. These residents, including me, need a car just as much as anyone on the outskirts of the city or the dark side for their everyday lives. The monorail and the baht buses might allow me to use my private car a little less often for the small areas of the city that they will serve but they will be no help when I want to go anywhere they do not serve--which would be a lot--including taking trips outside of Pattaya. Then, I will be at the expensive mercy of hiring one of the no-meter taxis--which are now being reviled on this thread--every time I need to go somewhere not served.
  14. They need to tear down that ugly building--and all the other buildings on that side of the road. The entrance area to Walking Street is about as ugly as it gets. Yet another reason why most of the nice, new development is happening in north Pattaya and other areas.
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