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  1. The days of the superiority of the aircraft carrier may be on the wane. The battleship was at the end of its life when WWII began. The much vaunted Bismarck was sunk by the old Swordfish that had a top speed of of just over 100mph. Not one was downed when they torpedoed the battleship. The huge Japanese battleships with their enormous guns were also sunk by planes. These aircraft carriers are very vulnerable to hyper speed cruise missiles to which there supposedly isn’t any defense. Once again history repeats itself. Navies building white elephants at great expense. Chinese Communists appear to be no brighter than their American or British counterparts.
  2. I disagree with the part about the hatred.....this guy is going to have hatred to everybody including the Thais, family, this guy trying to help, and on and on. Until he takes responsibility for his actions the cycle will continue and continue. Some time incarcerated will give him time to sort out his jumbled selfish thinking. Bailing him out is like telling your alcoholic husband to stop drinking as you buy him a bottle of booze. Ultimately you are also an enabler if you bail him out. I got imprisoned in Morocco, and that place is no Hilton Hotel. Ultimately it was my own fault and I just dealt with it. I got absolutely no help from the Brit Embassy, but then why should I? It wasn’t fun, but a good story to tell occasionally. As for sh@t prisons....I visited one in Nicaragua.....60 guys in a space for 20, the smell was disgusting, and it had just been cleaned before we walked in, one toilet and one shower. They slept on concrete cots, room for one, but two slept there.....no mattress of any kind. One of the saddest things I’ve ever seen.....and of course only the poorest of the poor in there. Sometimes life is tough, but nothing like a third world prison.
  3. I have a Mazda 2 and a Suzuki Ciaz.......bigger car and very roomy. I had a Honda Jazz for a month...a more solid car than the Mazda, but also more money. Mazda is okay, but I love the Suzuki. I was using the wrong gas in the Suzuki and went to the dealer because a warning light came on. They sorted it out, and the mechanic came and talked to me and explained what was going on....I was impressed by that. If you buy new whatever brand car, ask them to supply you with the handbook in English.....they usually have to get it from BKK. And get first class insurance, do not skimp on this.....it should come with the car. And get something other than silver for the color, so boring.
  4. You don’t buy, you lease them. Had a Leaf for three years, fun car.
  5. They would only know the bike originally cost zillions of baht if you tell them.....especially if it is scuffed etc. As for Mr. Sanctimonious, how does he know you avoided paying customs when you originally came in? I brought mine in when I shipped a lot of stuff here.
  6. If I have found a flight to cold or to hot I inform the cabin staff and they change the temperature. Never been refused. Had a freaky flight once where I sat by the emergency door which unbeknown to me was leaking in cold air. When I got up to hit the bathroom I fell onto the floor because my feet were numb and had no feeling. Unfortunately the flight was full so they couldn’t move me. I spent the rest of the flight with my feet and legs wrapped in many blankets. If I had bitched about the whole thing I might have got a free flight in the future.....but otherwise nothing. I think it was a Continental flight.
  7. A friend went in for marriage extension with just under the 65,000 a month coming in. They took him into the head IO’s office who proceeded to tell him he could have a retirement extension for 15,000 baht. Returned the next day and had his wife plead little money and was told 12,000 baht is okay. He didn’t want to play their game, but his wife said, “Easier this way.” So he did it at a cost of 1,000 baht a month for the year. All handled smoothly and quickly without 800,000 baht in the bank. He said the senior IO proceeded to explain where the money went.....lunch for the staff, payoff to boss from BKK, and I guess the rest in their pocket. TIT. This could be a way for this fellow to handle it all without an agent. Full service in house, and probably available all over the country.
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