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  1. A name for the Royal Navy that nobody really knows it’s origin.
  2. The actor Sir Ralph Richardson was still riding in his 80’s. Good role model.
  3. I liked the Volantex Ranger with a 63 inch wingspan. But you have to buy separately the Transmitter Receiver and motor. You can also add a camera which is fun. I used to have one in my glider, and it was a hoot looking at the video of flying it back to myself and catching it by the nose. The most important thing with the transmitter is the range. A glider can get into thermals and go up like an elevator and you have to force yourself to dive out of the thermal or bye bye. The kind I had in California were excellent and multi channels constantly changing. Years ago before multichannel they woul
  4. I understand about the masks and fines across the country. But I thought we are not allowed to eat in restaurants across the country, only order out. But I talked with my friend in Phuket and their restaurants are all open....he was eating in Sizzler as we spoke. When I asked why? He responded that Phuket is different from the rest of the country. What the hell is going on?
  5. Let me preface this by saying I’m 77 years young. I play doubles tennis twice a week, badminton with the family, ride bicycle couple of times a week, kayak occasionally, ride Kawasaki occasionally, reading is extremely important to me, and I enjoy walking. Enjoy most sports, but the body cannot do things like surfing anymore. I think it important to keep moving to stay flexible and young.
  6. If you haven’t flown before I would suggest poweredgliders. You use the power to get to altitude then turn it off. I bought one on Lazada, pretty expensive for what it was, and it wasn’t very big.....bigger is better for lift etc. I was flying one day and I let it get a bit far away, suddenly I had no control. It was still in sight, but basically disappeared. We searched for days, but nothing....I think somebody must have picked it up and walked away. I used to fly a lot in California and had an assortment of planes/gliders. I don’t think the ones I’ve seen here are very good. The best bet wou
  7. I first came here in the RN 1963 HMS Alert, also tied up in BKK on the river. Horrible mosquitoes in those days and we had no a/c so slept on the upper deck.....nasty. As for staying in the Andrew, I bought myself out after nine years, boy seaman at 15. Best thing for me at that time. I totally understand your wanting to leave. Just do it. Back then everybody had their horror stories of life after the Andrew. Within a year I was surfing in Morocco and living la vida loca. Never looked back, but sometimes had dreams/nightmares I was back in.....would wake up sweating, but then relieved. Hold a
  8. Speak for yourself. I am fine riding a motorcycle, bicycle, kayaking, playing tennis, and some other stuff at 77. And I have two cars. You make your choices in life and the rest of us will make ours. Somebody said once as they were about to die, “If I knew when I was going to die, I would have lived my life more fully.” And that is my mantra. When I was was 71 I rode from Phuket to Cambodia, and also Phuket to Kuala Lumpur. I enjoy life on all its levels. Take some risks and you’ll find out who you really are under that skin. Enjoy it all.
  9. I have an actress friend in California who has suffered from extreme vertigo and is still suffering from it. Actually been hospitalized, but pretty much did nothing to alleviate her symptoms. I’m leaning towards Pfizer vaccine.
  10. They are military and don’t have a clue how to govern or handle this Covid crisis. If they actually had any real thinking brains they would copy the country doing the best job like New Zealand or any place that would be a better example than their incompetence.
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