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  1. And the farthing and the Guinea and the sovereign and slavery and the Empire and Winston Churchill and WWII.......you cannot go backwards no matter how inviting it might look.
  2. I was told last night that a guy was on two years overstay, and an agent got him sorted for 75,000 baht. Supposedly the IO had stamps for all the surrounding countries and just created an in and out history with them.....problem solved.
  3. Who is the agent and what did he charge?
  4. Anybody used an agent in Korat, and what did they charge and what did they offer?
  5. What a complete cluster f#%€k. This woman was completely the wrong person to being in any negotiation with the EU. Nearly three years and still trying to negotiate at the last minute....Pathetic all the way round. The daughter of a vicar fron Eastbourne says it all.
  6. Been walking this path since 1973. It works if you are smart enough to work it.
  7. Joe, what happened to the statement from immigration that they would cut us a little slack on this first year if our deposits were not all above 65,000 baht.....mine have been fluctuating above and below all year. Has anybody actually invoked this with immigration?
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