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  1. Looking for those who have real first hand "Experience" after October 31st 2019 - "Not" hear say or Thai Immigration Policy Letters that give mixed information. Background: I came to Thailand on November 7th 2019. My OA Visa was dated September 6th 2019. So, I was allowed entry into Thailand without having to Provide a Foreign Medical Certificate or proof I had Medical Insurance. Question # 1: Will I have to prove or get Medical Insurance when it is time to get my Extention of Stay "Stamp"? My understanding with the OA Visa I can leave country a few days before the Visa date Expires then re-enter Thailand and immigration will automatically just stamp me for one more year. Will immigration require me to have or show proof of insurance at this time? My understanding is that since I am on a 1 Year Stay Entry Stamp at this time I will also need to get a re-entry permit every time I leave Thailand during my final year on an OA Extention Stamp. Question #2: My other question is when I finally get to Year 3 and want to get an offical Extenstion of Stay will I need to prove insurance at this time? Remember I came into Thailand on an OA Visa November 7th 2019 but my OA Visa was dated / approved on Septermber 6th 2019 from the US Thai Consulate. No need for insurance was requirement because the new immigration policy came into effect OCT 31 2019. Show less REPLY
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